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Originally Posted by Hovercraft View Post
I don't despise Holmgren, but he does have big flaws and anyone who cant see that is fooling themselves.
I believe you are mistaken here. It's not that I'm saying that Holmgren doesn't have flaws. I've readily declared in this thread that Holmgren has done some stupid ****.

What I'm doing here is refuting and standing up to people like Jester. It's not that I don't see any flaws, it's that all they see is flaws. As someone else said, they are the glass-half-full kind of person, except that you could put a full glass in front of them and they'd complain about the glass not being filled to the brim.

All I ever see from those people his complaints about how the team could be better and this and that minor problem that the team is facing or may face in the future, never being once appreciative of fact that the team finished last only a couple of years and has vastly improved since.

That's why there's a thread called "I love this team" and it's filled with *****ing and moaning. The second post in this ******* thread is already about how the 04 team was better than this one. Give me a ****ing break already.

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