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11-26-2010, 10:39 AM
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Originally Posted by STUpid View Post
Come on... is this not a place to talk AUS hockey? Unfortunately, we STU fans are the only fanbase out of the eight who have so much to complain about. And Mike Eagles is the rightful target. He has singlehandedly driven a once proud program into the ground. You think the Gleaner would bother to print the letter? They're content to completely ignore Eagles' incompetence. Oh, he's a good man... I don't care if he's the freakin' Pope, it's about wins and losses baby. If you don't want to read about it, stop clicking on the STU TOMMIES THREAD. And I can't speak for rantfather, but the day a Mike Eagles led team pulls off a 15 game winning streak - hell, a 5 game streak for that matter - name your wager, I'll take you up on it.
The Gleaner would print the letter. But we have a policy where you have to sign your name to what you write. Seems people are reluctant to do that. It's easier to come on here and ***** anonymously.
Seems to me the Friends of the Tommies orchestrated the ouster of Derryl Smith because they wanted Eagles to take the program...former NHLer, good coach, would have the contacts etc...
I suggested a couple of years ago that they should bring Tom Coolen in to recruit and rebuild the program...that even if they were being beaten regularly by UNB, he would keep it interesting and keep the rivalry stoked. It fell on deaf ears.
I asked Eagles as recently as a couple of weeks ago whether he had too much on his plate, what with the investigation into the hazing incident etc, whether he had enough time to devote to recruiting...he said he ""wasn't going to agree with that statement."
Face it...your witch hunt is being conducted in cyberspace...Lawrence Durling and Dennis Cochrane don't read these boards. Their mentality is that athletics is a little sandbox, Mike Eagles is in charge of the sandbox and let him run it while we do more important things.
That's the climate you're dealing in.

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