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Saskatoon selects LW Oren Frood.

I thought Frood was a center all this time and therefore kept finding players I'd rather have (have you noticed, centers tend to get more points?) but in my research today I realized he was actually a LW and this a valuable commodity with the lack of proven LW scorers out there.

Frood was a Renfrew product standing 5'9" and weighing 175 lbs. At age 18, with the Pembroke Hockey Club, he led the Upper Ottawa Valley Hockey League in scoring with 15 goals in 8 games in 1906. In the 1907 and 1908 seasons, Frood scored 15 more goals in 12 more games. Incomplete stats make it tough to say whether he was the leading scorer or not. Bobby Rowe and Hamby Shore both played in this league. Interesting note about the 1908 season from SIHR: "Won Starr Trophy as Maritime champs 1908 but it was found that he had used false name of Claude Oren so the whole team was suspended and turned Pro for playing with him"

In 1910, Frood went to the OPHL, the 2nd best league in hockey. He tore the league apart, with 53 goals in 23 games. I can't speak for every season of hockey ever played to that point, but I think this was a pro record at the time, which would have stood for decades. Next-best scorers had 50, 38, and 28. He was also 2nd in PIM with 95.

In 1911, he again led the league, this time with 23 goals in 14 games. This time he didn't run away with it, but Tommy Smith was 2nd with 22 goals in 18 games. Other players Frood outscored during his time in the OPHL: Harry Smith, Eddie Oatman, Goerge McNamara, Goldie Prodger, Joe Malone, Jack McDonald, Louis Berlinguette, Ken Randall, & Jack Marks.

It's tough to project these stats to an NHA equivalent, but based on who he was outscoring and by how much, and what's known about the relative strengths of the leagues, it's not a stretch to imagine him as somewhere between a Bruce Ridpath and a Dubbie Kerr-level scorer in those early NHA years.

From 1913 to 1916, Frood played for the Medicine Hat Scoundrels of the SAHA (stats unavailable) before joining the military.

SIHR Member Kevin Slater's book The Trolley League has some great quotes about Frood:

Originally Posted by The Trolley League

dazzing combination play was becoming the talk of the league...

The game featured a considerable amount of dirty play, including two fights between Galt‟s Pete Charleton and Berlin‟s Oren Frood, the second required intervention by the local police force to break up: "The press came out strongly against the fighting.
“Charlton jabbed him (Frood) and the two went down in a disgraceful rough and tumble that took some time to get unraveled."

Oren Frood was called to task by the Berlin press for his rough play and his inclination to take bad penalties. The “Berlin News Record” challenged Frood to clean up his act and at the same time improve his play.

Berlin‟s star winger Oren Frood was ineffective in the game and there was even a rumour that he had somehow been drugged: “A nasty rumour has come out the effect that Orren Frood, Berlin‟s husky left wing was given a dose of dope during the game that put him down and out. If there be any truth in the report the offender should be handled without gloves. If that sort of thing is allowed to be countenanced its good-bye to clean sport.” (Berlin News Record, February 8, 1910)The allegations were never proved.

The violence in the game overshadowed Oren Frood‟s amazing eight goal performance. In addition to scoring eight of the ten goals Frood also served 17 minutes in penalties.

The play was clean throughout with the exception of one fight between Billy Baird of Waterloo and Oren Frood of the Dutchmen.

”In spite of the fact that Brantford cannot win the championship, local fandom is still incensed over the brutal treatment afforded the Brantford players by Berlin, that there will be a packed house to give a derisive greeting to the hollow champions of 1910. Gross and Frood who were responsible for so much of the dirty work at Berlin will be on the team, but it is doubtful that either one of this duet will show such wonderful form they display at home. Both are jokes off their own ice. However the game will be an exhibition of hockey, and the Brantfords will be out to win. Second place depends on the game for the locals.” (Brantford Expositor, February 26, 1910)A quick check of the stats verifies the statement regarding Oren Frood; he had scored 28 of his 33 goals to date on home ice. The Branford fans would not need to worry about Nelson Gross as he was not in the line-up for Berlin, his place was taken by Earl Seibert. Brantford put forth the same line-up for the fourth straight game.

According to the “Montreal Herald” three of the Berlin players passed muster: it was conceded that Hugh Lehman was the star of the team and an excellent goalkeeper, Oren Frood was commended for his fine stick handling...

Berlin‟s other tough guy Oren Frood seemed to bite off a bit more than he could chew when he got the worst of a fight with big George McNamara.

one of the key highlights of the match was a bit of rough business between Berlin‟s Oren Frood and Mike Murphy of Galt. Frood, who had a reputation as a rough player, had struck Murphy across the face with his stick during a scuffle late in the second half, knocking the Galt winger unconscious and leaving him bleeding profusely from the face. Whether or not the blow was intentional was a matter of conjecture, but most felt that it was. The act of violence was so severe that even the Berlin press would not stand-up for their own man. The “Berlin News Record” suggested that if the incident was intentional, and many witnesses felt that it was, then the Berlin management should “severely reprimand” Frood for his actions.

“Oren Frood the hero of the game..."

At 178 pounds, Frood was one of the bigger men in the game and was noted as much for his rough play as for his great shot and outstanding scoring ability.
While the praise was often high for Frood the goal scorer, he also received his fair share of criticism for instance his positional play was weak and he was never noted for his passing skills.
Best GPG averages in OPHL history:

Newsy Lalonde 3.00
Tommy Smith 2.23
Oren Frood 2.10

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