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11-26-2010, 11:58 AM
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Originally Posted by SgtJoseph View Post
By the term " GUNNERS " i am referring to players who liked to run with the puck and shoot from darn near anywhere every chance they got .In Basketball down town Freddy Brown was a " Gunner " as well as world be free [ Loyd Free ] was certainly a Gunner as well.

I always viewed Ron Flockhart as a gunner when he played for the Flyers, He would shoot from damn near anywhere, including beyond the blue line while on a rush. He was exciting to watch with his rushes, but at times i remember shaking my head wondering what the heck he was thinking with some of his long range bombs.
As soon as I read that line I though of Brent Fedyk. I think if he was given the option of shooting it from in the penalty box he would have. Remember the good ol Crazy 8's line? I remember one game very vividly when there was a 2 on one and Fedyk rifled it at the net the second he crossed the blue line. Recchi looked at him and held his arm out as if to say "dude, what are you doing?"

I actually really liked Fedyk overall but that was one area of his game that always made me laugh.

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