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Originally Posted by La Grosse Tendresse View Post
What is up with everybody telling me that I'm an idiot who eats anything that's fed to him?!?

Where did I say that I beleived that Desjardins was any good??

I just said that everybody has their opinion and their prejudice, that everybody overhypes prospects.

I don't give a **** about Cedrick Desjardins. I just hate people going on here like they are better than everybody else because they are not French inbreds.
Just want to start by apologizing for doing that but if you re-read your first post it does make you out to be like that. After reading your response I realize it was just a subject you're very opinionated about and that you actually had some valid points. But upon reading the first post there you do have to admit it does come off sounding like one of these pro-RDS people who eat up everything RDS says.

I was disappointed we traded Desjardins too so don't get me wrong, but I think the point the other posters are trying to make is if you look at Price he has the pedigree and NHL stats/games to back up the fact that he's hyped. Desjardins though he had some good seasons in the AHL has done nothing to justify the hyping RDS gives him. If his name was say Bruce Kostitspoulos do you really believe RDS would have hyped him the same, would have thought he was as good as they said he was?

Don't get me wrong Cedric appeared to be playing very well that isn't what is in question here. What I mean though is that he wouldn't have gotten the hyping and attention he got if he wasn't a Francophone player. I'm not saying it's unfair for them to give more attention to Francophone players, they're a french television network it only makes sense. It doesn't mean they have to over-hype them and over-value them just because they're French though. They could be honest about the situation like they are with most other players.

I'm not going to sit here and lie to you and say English sports media doesn't sometimes do the same thing with "good o'l Canadian boys" but I don't think it's right from either side of the table really. Difference is and the point I think a lot of posters are trying to make though is that the players hyped up mainly by the Anglo fans on here are: Subban, Price, Plekanec, people who have proved something at the NHL level or people who have practically never faulted at any stages of recent development (Subban). Desjardin is no Price, Halak, Plekanec, guys who proved themselves at the NHL level. I'm not saying Desjardins won't bounce back or that he'll never be an NHL goalie either, just calling it how I see it. I've seen the TSN guys hype up a lot of players that were busts too, never said it was right for either side to overhype/play up home town favorites over other players. (Not that I disagree about how some posters are dumb and will say "HAHA CEDRIC IS **** SEE" as they hype up other busts who are Anglo etc)

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