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11-26-2010, 01:53 PM
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Originally Posted by natey2k4 View Post
More like Tampa's goaltending was a joke. I'm sure their defense wasn't the best, but the list of goaltenders was almost laughable. Smith came in and turned the tables until his concussion but that's as good as it got.

Desjardins could have been a good, solid, cheap backup for us. Hell, with the amount of games Alex Auld has played Desjardins could have done the same. Not saying Auld isn't the better signing, but next year Desjardins would have been better for the $500K he would have cost.

If Ramo ever comes back over its because we offer him ridiculous money. That's it. He's going to get upwards of $1.5M minimum, untaxed, in the KHL. Even if he gets $1M untaxed, it's better than coming to North America, playing 15 games, and making about $700,000. And if Ramo does good, which I'd assume would be the only reason we want him here, he's going to be making upwards of $3M in the KHL. Yeah, I'm sure he's going to want to come over for a severe cut in pay, less games, less fame, and a lot further from home than he is now. Even if he wants to play in the NHL, he's not stupid. No one is going to to trade the possibility of $3M for $700K (after taxes) and no playing time.

And I'm sure Desjardins talent had nothing to do with being on winning teams after every level, with the exception of the AHL where his team still did pretty good. Nah it's all the team when Desjardins plays. I get it.

For our situation? Desjardins > Ramo.
Overall goalie comparison between the two? I'm still undecided, but with the above fact, I'm ready to go with Desjardins > Ramo again.
Desjardins was one of the reasons the Bulldogs lost in the playoffs last year, he struggled when he had to fill in for Sanford once he got hurt... the guy is 25 and hasn't even been a starter in the AHL for a full year yet you somehow thing he's ready to be an NHL backup?

Auld has intangibles that make him a very good back-up for Price, he's a good teammate who knows his role and won't complain and he's been a back-up goalie for a while now so he's comfortable coming in for a game after missing a month. If we had Price playing the same way this year and Desjardins came in and had 1 good game like Auld did the media would be cursing Martin for not playing the french speaking goalie more.

I actually agree with you now it must'vee been Tampa Bay's goaltending that killed them and not their D:

Mezjaros - Eminger
Krajicek - Murphy
Malik - Ranger

Ramo had an elite defense in front of him, clearly was all his fault and the other goalies in Tampa Bay.

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