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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
I'm inclined to agree here. I'm not a huge football guy but the rules in the CFL make for a better more exciting game. The players I'll be first to admit aren't the same caliber as the NFL of course but if the NFL adopted CFL rules I think the NFL would be just about 100x better. I do agree that it is mostly self-centered Americans who do seem to think otherwise. Not here to bash Americans just calling it how I see it. Even my friend who much prefers the NFL and follows an NFL team still accept the CFL rules are better.

Funny thing is this has been argued to death in my guild (WoW) and the pro-NFL people never come up with one good reason why NFL is better when in the context of discussing the rules. They always just say "The NFL has better rules and is a better league" you ask okay why's that? Answer: "it just is".
I prefer NFL to CFL due to quality of play. NFL players are bigger faster and stronger and more talented.
I gave up on the cfl this year when I saw that game where the als beat the argos 37-30 and they were taking turns kicking the ball in and out of the endzone. Are you ****ing kidding me a missed field goal wins you a game. Couldnt believe it. Then to see those dopes on TSN panel saying how exciting it was.

Also to all this complaining about the facilities does anyone even have a clue what the 2 places are where the teams are staying or are they just shooting off about what the guys said without knowing.

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