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06-02-2005, 03:54 AM
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"NHL have always been my dream" -HL

"Henrik have decided to leave Sweden. He will join either New York Rangers or Hartford Wolf Packs in August. Most likely it will be with the Rangers since the NHL probably will start up again soon." -Agent Lars Cederström

"Nothing is signed, but there is a reason Lundqvist decided yesterday, a verbal promise from the NYR that when the NHL starts again he will recive whats possible for a rookie in the NHL. New York Rangers felt it was unneccesary to sign a AHL contract at this point when the NHL is about to start up again soon."-Reporter Thomas Ros

Göteborgs Posten
"I've felt for a long time that its the right time to go." -HL

"I haven't any gaurantees. But I know that they belive in me and will join the team and start practise on the 1st of August." -HL

"I will play overthere next year, if its the NHL or AHL is left to be seen."

"I've promised Frölunda a decision. I owe it to them. I called (the GM) and told him I am playing in NA next year."

"Henrik will go to Hartford and join their camp on the 1st of August. Aren't there a risk that you have made up your mind under loose conditions like this? Its true that I don't have a deal. But I trust my agent and the team is dooing their best." -Reporter & HL

"If I don't get to play in the NHL I prepared to commit to the farmleague."-HL

A few things I noticed where how Aftonbladet talked about the verbal promise to give Lundqvist whats its possible under the rookie cap, not Lundqvist. I bet the Rangers appreciate that. I am pretty sure that they aren't allowed to promise players right and left what they are gooing to offer them next year...

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