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Belgian Prospect List for 2005

First of all, I’ve omitted all the 1982 birthday’s. We’re entering a new year wich means we have to up the limit for availability. Don’t worry I’ll give a short description of those 82’s in my ‘graduated prospects’ at a later time.

On to the list now!

1. Vincent Kompany

DOB: 10/04/1986
Club: Anderlecht
Nationality: Belgian
Position: Central defender / Defensive midfielder

Nothing much has changed here still the best prospect by far in Belgium. Kompany won the golden boot trophy for the best player in the Belgian league with an historic record score. The youngest winner since Enzo Scifo in 1984, that should tell you something about his talent level.
There have been some changes at Anderlecht recently with Hugo Broos getting fired and assistant Franky Vercauteren taking over. Anderlecht was playing a lot better (new 4-3-3 formation – 3-5-2 at times) and they still got close to Bruges. The second place is secured wich means they are in the CL qualifying, the main goal of this season that was. Recently president Vanden Stock admitted that Anderlecht had received a formal enquiry by Chelsea but nothing by anyone else. He said he planned to keep Vincent in Belgium for one last season next year, either keeping him altogether or a sale/loan back transaction.
Personally I’m not sure he’s got much left to learn in Belgium, but on the other hand he might not yet play every game at a real top club so an extra year of schooling wouldn’t do him any harm.
He was offered a 5 year contract wich makes him the best payed player in Anderlecht, so right now the information we have indicates he’s staying at Anderlecht

Talent Analysis:
This guy really has everything. Big, strong, fast but most of all, an incredible natural technical ability. Some of the things he does are really amazing. I think he could be the most skilled central defender I’ve ever seen. After two seasons at an extremely high level I think it’s fair to say there are no consistency issues either.

Yet there’s still some negatives. Positional / tectical and mental errors still creep into his game from time to time. He needs to work on his heading, he should be dominating in the air but isn’t nearly there yet. From time to time he makes too risky a play, especially his outlet passes should be more considered, he has the required passing ability but tends to give to risky an outlet pass from time to time. He gets way with that in Belgium but that must improve.
There’s been some talk about his discipline as well, he’s known for showing up late on training from time to time. He says that’s got to do with his African roots and that may very well be. But he’ll need to grow up if he wants to make it at a top club. However he should benefit from the new guidance by his mentor Vercauteren.
Also the issue is being raised more and more that his best position is defensive midfielder. I somewhat agree there as his incredible talent is somewhat wasted staying back all the time. When he goes forward his dribbles often make the opponents (he takes on 2 or three at times and simply beats them, amazing) look silly. At the moment RSCA need him at the back though so it’s going to be an experiment for the future.

World class central defender for a world class club. Anything less would be a surprise, he’s that good.

2. Silvio Proto

DOB: 23/05/1983
Club: La Louvière
Nationality : Bel
Position : Goalkeeper

Is now Belgium’s first choice national goalkeeper. Is being watched by a number of European top clubs (Arsenal have expressed the most interest) and has finished his career in La Louvière and possibly in Belgium ( although Anderlecht is still a possibility if they get their act together).

Talent Analysis:
Silvio isn’t the biggest or strongest goalie out there, that’s his main drawback. Apart from that he’s got everything a goalie needs: mental strength, consistency, reflexes, aerial ability, …
I’d say his handling and confidence on crosses and his reflexes are his strongest points. He’s also above average on one on ones. Mentally he’s exceptional, he makes very little positional or mental mistakes and his feet are firmly placed on the ground from what I’m hearing. He’s about the top goalie in Belgium right now (tough to pick between Proto, Laquait and Butina to be honest) and this being his 3d or 4th season in the league I don’t think he’s got much left to learn in La Louvière. The next step should be a top club, preferably in a smaller league where he can learn to cope with the pressure of having to win every week (at La Louvière that’s not the case). If he gets through that test, he should be able to grow into a class goalie for a good team.

Might turn in to a great shot stopper. Should definitely end up being a great keeper in the ‘second rate’ leagues like Germany or France, but IMO he’s got what it takes to make it at a club like Arsenal.

3 Emmanuel Eboué

DOB : 04/06/1983
Club: Arsenal
Nationality: CIV
Position: Defender

Emmanuel left Beveren for Arsenal in the Mercato and has already made a few appearances in the less important (read Cup) games and a few sub appearances as well. He seems to have adapted well judging by the fact he worked himself in Wenger’s plans this fast.

Talent Analysis:
He’s a rather small player for a defender, yet he’s got an unbelievable natural strength in his body, he rarely gets out muscled even by guys that are clearly bigger then him, he’s a bit like Kolo Touré in that aspect. Incredible technical ability for a defender. He plays pretty much everywhere at the back, but I think at Arsenal he’ll be best suited for the wing back positions. If he learns the tactical game he will turn into a good defender, he’s got the ability to do that.

Starter for a good team in a good league, he might even develop into a regular starter at Arsenal.

4. Kevin Vandenbergh
DOB: 16/05/1983
Club: KRC Genk
Nationality: Belgian
Postion: Striker

Started to come to live again after a difficult start of the season, where he wasn’t used a lot by coach Rene Vandereyken. However his goals meant it was impossible to continue to ignore him and near the end of the season he was back on top form. He more or less brought Genk into Europe single-handedly by scoring three goals in the 2 playoff matches against Standard. Finished the season on a high and was awarded with yet another selection for the national team, even though he is yet to start a game. Antheunis should really start playing him, I can’t believe people are saying he’s not ready yet for International level…

Talent Analysis:
Just think of his father, Erwin Vandenbergh and you’re very close. Although I’ll argue that Kevin is really developing into a more complete striker, but probably a less prolific player than his father (who was probably the greatest pure goalscorer Belgium ever produced). He’s not very big, not very fast and not incredibly technical. What he will do however is put the ball in the net. And he’s also got this uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time, like real strikers do.
Short example: I played him when he was 15 (I was 16) and I tought I did pretty well against this little guy. Didn’t loose any sprints against him or didn’t loose too many tackles or headers. Yet at the end of the game he somehow had inexplicably scored two goals… Has improved a lot though, his passing and technical ability is not to be diminished just because he scores a lot of scrappy goals.

30 Goals scorer in for a top club Belgium. Top scorer at a mid table club in a stronger league ala France or Germany.

5. Koffi Romaric N’Dri
DOB: 04/06/1983
Club: Beveren
Nationality: Côte d’Ivoir
Position: Attacking midfielder/second striker

Basically Beveren’s only player left standing near the end of the season, while the rest collapsed, he remained on his level and scored the goals Beveren needed to secure a prolonged stay in the first league. Plays as second striker, attacking midfielder and occasionally out wide on the left.

Talent Analysis
Probably one of the most talented players in Belgium. He’s built like a tank (1.87, 85 kilo’s) is extremely strong and has one of the hardest shots I’ve ever seen (something comparable to Roberto Carlos). Very good on free kicks, but also a solid all round player. He’s got good technical abilities but nothing out of this world.
So his main weapons are his shot and his strength. He has some mentality issues (got a lot of red cards and had problems with the coach as well) but near the end of the season he becamse a true leader for Beveren so if we’re lucky his problems are out of the way now.

Signed for freshly promoted French league 1 club Le Mans and I’ll back him to do well in France, scoring ten goals or so!

Should be a very good player in a strong league, like France. That is if he keeps himself under control.

6 Marco Né

DOB: 17/07/1983
Club: Beveren
Nationality: Côte d’Ivoire (CIV)
Position: Central Midfielder

Bit less impressive in the second half of the season for me, Beveren as a whole was pretty bad and almost got in relegation trouble. Still I like the player very much.
I’ve always been of the opinion that Marco’s better than Eboué (albeit they play different positions) and since Eboué’s adapting well at Arsenal I don’t see why Né shouldn’t have a place at Highbury, he should be able to provide more than a Flamini IMO.

Talent Analysis:
A real joy to watch. The flair and ability of the great midfielders. He can dribble, deliver a through ball and hit a long pass without any problems. Always seems to be in control of the ball whenever he touches it, always looks for the footballing solution and you’ll rarely see him just clearing straight to the opposition.
The negatives are the same as with all Beveren’s Ivorian gems. Marco still needs to work on his tactical game, he’s more advanced then the rest of his teammates I’d say but he is still prone to letting his man get away and rushing forward when the team already has committed enough people forward. Yet he’s one of the more responsible players on the team and seems like a good coachable guy so they might be able to rid that aspect of his game.

He’ll be a pretty good player, after a lot of indication earlier he might be on his way to Arsenal (Beveren in Arsenal’s feeder club) it seems as if he won’t go there after all. He should move to Germany or France in that case, possibly this off season or at the very last next off season, teams should take a chance on him to develop him.

7. Anthony Vanden Borre

DOB: 24/10/1987
Club: Anderlecht
Nationality: Bel
Position: Right Back / wing back

Well I made reservations this past summer and some of it has already shown. Has been struggling mightily with his form, and completely lost his confidence after a few horrible performances.
However he came back strong in the second half of the season once again showing that he could turn out to be a great player. Doesn’t have the same natural class as Kompany wich clearly shows at times, when he comes forward and does something wrong. But like I said he’s back to his best now and is back with the national team as well. Hamburger SV already came in with an €2.5M offer wich Anderlecht rightfully brushed aside. The way he’s playing right now he’s worth at least three times that price.

Talent analysis:
Very strong guy he already out muscles players twice his age with ease. Very strong in the tackle and also very strong and tough to handle going forward. Not a slow player either so he’s got every physical tool needed to become a great back somewhere.
The mental and technical aspects of his game are still very raw though. His tactical awareness needs to improve but since Vercauteren took over it has and he’s shown good ability to make decisions on his own as well.
Technically he needs to improve everything, especially his passing which is potentially good enough but is still very bad at times.

Depending on his mental ability to cope with everything the sky is the limit for himif he works hard: he can develop a top class right back with a bit of luck, I’m more confident right now in him then I was last season

8. Jonathan Blondel

DOB: 03/04/1984
Club: Club Brugge
Nationality: Belgian
Position: Attacking Midfielder (left or central)

Well, Blondel couldn’t repeat his brilliant form from last season, simply because Nastjah Ceh is blocked him at Bruges, and Blondel couldn’t get into the first team. He’s played midfield (instead of Ceh) and left attacker (in stead of Balaban – Ishiaku) occasionally and still looks like a very bright talent every time he comes on.

Talent analysis:
Very technical player with above average passing and vision, can be a very effective playmaker. Very small frame but a tough little bugger, he’s nasty tackler and doesn’t back down. Effectively uses his small stature to gain free kicks from time to time as well.

He’ll be a future international, once he gets regular playing time either in Bruges or somewhere else. Typical victim of Trond Sollied’s prospect hell in Bruges, there are a few more coming up in the list.

9. Faris Haroun

DOB: 22/09/1985
Club: KRC Genk
Nationality: Bel
Position: Midfielder

I really like this player. He’s an attacking midfielder, with above average work rate and a knack for scoring important goals. Hasn’t been able to get a starting place in Genk’s XI consistently yet though (blocked by Engelaar mostly) but when he plays it shows he’s more than ready and can be used whenever necessary. Was MVP of our U-19 squad last summer and has continued to improve. Will be an international for Belgium in a year or two, three once he starts playing regularly

Talent Analysis:
A complete player. Is a great and relentless runner who will get in the box and provide danger but who can also be counted upon to take care of his defensive duties. Can scorer regularly, is a very good passer and his technical ability is above average as well.

Should end up in a better league than the Belgian league. Playing regularly for a top 4 team at his age is rare but he’s up for it.

10. Jonathan Legear

DOB: 13/04/1987
Club: Anderlecht
Nationality: Bel
Position: midfielder

Very good player already at 17 years of age. Was a regular contributor to the Anderlecht side when he went down with an injury shortly after the new year. Hasn’t been able to return to the first team yet but he should be ready next season. Don’t think he’ll find his way into the starting lineup just yet but he shouldn’t be far out.

Talent Analysis:
Two footed player, he prefers his right foot and playing right midfielder (either as winger in a 4-4-2 or wide midfielder in a 4-3-3) but has performed well at the left side as well. Solid but not spectacular type of player: defensively responsible, good passing, makes the right play most of the time. I think he can really develop into a very good player if given the opportunity. Has dropped a bit in the ranking but that’s due to the others getting more of the limelight with Jonathan being injured right now.

Hard to tell at this stage but he certainly looks to be good enough to be an International for Belgium within a year or three if he gets enough playing time. He could end up playing for a good team in a strong league eventually. We’ll know more when is becomes clear whether he can confirm his form from this season next year or not…

11. Benjamin ‘Benji’ De Ceulaer

DOB : 19/12/1983
Club : Sint Truiden (RKC – on loan from Feyenoord next season)
Nationality: Belgian
Position: Right winger

Enjoyed a continuation of his impressive form wich attracted interest from a number of clubs. Very good dribbler, very tough to stop this guy. Has a problem finishing chances but he creates plenty for himself or for his teammates.

Talent Analysis:
A good old fashioned winger (so he should do good in Holland): pretty fast, very good dribbler and overall technical ability and a solid cross. Flashy player and very nice to watch. Has a bit of consistency problems going in and out of matches but I guess that’s natural with these kinds of players.
Not sure how high his upside is personally, I think he can succeed in Holland, even at Feyenoord eventually but much higher might be a reach, tough to tell.

12. Moussa Sanogo

DOB: 16/07/1983
Club: Beveren
Nationality: Côte d’Ivoire
Position: Striker

Another Beveren player who had an up and down season. Still finished the season as the top scorer in Beveren scoring 14 in 29 matches. I like him but he lacks consistency, he has the tools to score some 20-25 goals or possibly more in a league like the Belgian one, but he doesn’t show it all the time.
Might leave Belgium in the summer, there has been interest (Germany and France) but nothing official yet. He might be suited by another season under a new coach though.

Talent Analysis:

Very fast, very explosive and a decent enough finisher. He can dribble and make defenders look silly as well. Not a strong player and at times he misses the odd easy chance as well, but he’ll get better I’m sure.

For me this guy can go to a better league in the near future. He has all the tools just needs to learn to use them consistently.
15 Goal scorer for a mid table team in a strong league like France or Germany eventually.

13. Mbark Boussoufa

DOB: 15-08-1984
Club: AA Gent
Nationality: Dutch
Position: Attacking midfielder / right wing

Very small player (1.66, 58 Kilos) who has enjoyed a very good season his first year in Belgium. I believe he has been through the youth ranks in Ajax but didn’t make it there and eventually ended up in Ghent. Was a very important player in Ghent’s good season under coach Georges Leekens.

Talent Analysis:
Incredible dribbler and creative little player.
Due to his small frame it’s tough for him against mammoth midfielders as he’s not incredibly quick but usually he’s quick enough to find some space. Can score as well if needed and is a very good runner off the ball as well, good stamina to though he tailed ff a bit towards the end off the season.

If he can confirm his status next year he might end up at a top club in Belgium, not sure if his small frame would allow him to shine in stronger leagues but who knows, the kid’s got game that’s for sure!!

14. Logan Bailly
DOB: 27/12/1985
Club: RC Genk
Nationality: Bel
Position: Goalkeeper

Logan played for Genk’s feeder club (Heusden Zolder) last season (who were playing in the first division!) and came in the team when the first keeper was injured. The starting goalie never regained his place. Also got a trial at Liverpool last year…
This season it was back to Genk for him where he was more or less stuck after Jan Moons, the first choice keeper. He got a few games though and showed his immense potential. If he would play regularly on first division level he would be top 5 in the list.

Talent analysis:
Big frame (1.89 for 80 kilos) and that shows. Very good on crosses and is a pretty imposing figure in goal. Looks very solid in all other departments from what I’ve seen from him. Should get some playing time, he can be really, really good IMO.

Who knows? I really see someone here who might challenge Proto in the future.

15. Alexis Kubilskis
DOB: 10/12/1986
Position: attacking midfielder/forward
Nationality: Bel
Club: FC Brussels

This kid was so impressive with the reserves he got to make his debut for Molenbeek towards the end of the season. Still only 18 and he’s said to be a great talent, can score as well and has shone at international U-19 level.

Haven’t seen him play a full game yet, next season will teach us more. Molenbeek will offer him a pro contract after his recent performances and he should be a lot more in action next year.

16. Maarten Martens
DOB: 02/07/1984
Position: Left winger
Nationality: Bel
Club: Anderlecht (RKC Waalwijk)

Loaned out to Holland due to a lack of first team possibilities at Anderlecht. Did very well over there and had a starting position at RKC in the Dutch Eredivisie. Not yet sure what will happen with him next year but he might possibly leave Anderlecht.
True winger with especially a good cross and dribble, not overly fats or flashy though.

17. Serhiy Kovalenko
DOB: 10/05/1984
Position: Striker
Nationality: Ukraine
Club: Standard

Came over from Italy and has been pretty effective with limited playing time. Scores very easily and has good positioning and heading in the box. Became something of a super sub for Standard late in the season scoring a few goals as well.

18. Mohammed Tchité
DOB: 31/01/1984
Position: Striker
Nationality: Congo DR
Club: Standard

Started of the season like a rocket, scoring 5 goals in 4 matches. After that he and Standard got out of form and Bangoura, Roussel and Kovalenko overtook him in the pecking order. Still, a fast striker that can score, should be a solid player in the future.

19. Glenn Verbauwhede

DOB: 19/05/1985
Club: Club Brugge
Nationality: Bel
Position: Goalkeeper

Still an incredible talent, according to anyone who’s watched him play. Hasn’t played one single minute in the league though (thank you Sollied L). Is the keeper of the U-21 team over Bailly but I’m so impressed by Bailly he got ranked higher here, when I get to see Verbauwhede that might change.

20. Dieter Van Tornhout

DOB: 18/03/1985
Club: Club Brugge
Nationality: Bel
Position: Striker

Unlike his compatriot Verbauwhede Van Tornhout has managed to get a few minutes here and there. The reason is pretty simple: he’s scored so often that Sollied can’t but play him a few minutes from time to time (3 goals in 83 minutes).
He’s a towering, strong striker, very good positionally and should develop into a real target man type of striker. I like him!

21 Nicolas Lombaerts
DOB: 20/03/1985
Club: A.A. Gent
Position: Defender / Defensive midfielder

Started off the season as starting left back for Ghent but had injuries worries later on. Still enjoyed a good first season after being starved for first team football in Bruges. Ghent took him on and were already well rewarded, and if he can stay fit he should be set for a breakthrough season next year.
Very solid and responsible defender. Played a bit defensive midfielder for the U-19’s as well. Solid and typical Belgian no-nonsense player. Has leadership qualities as well.

22. Stijn Desmet
DOB: 27/03/1985
Position: Striker
Nationality: Bel
Club: Cercle Brugge

Very quick striker who likes to run into space and when on the ball loves to run at his opponent. Looks to be a good finisher as well, has already scored a few goals in the first league while not being an undisputed started yet. Reminds me a bit of Matja Kezman in style. Should be a full time started next year and he will score more goals then. Could end up at a Belgian top club or beyond.

23. Nicolas Colpaert
DOB: 13/09/1986
Club: FC Brussels
Nationality: Bel
Position: Defender

Once more the Molenbeek academy produces (Sonck, Haroun, Kubilskis, …, …).

Very good defender already, has been in the team in the beginning of the season but near the end when the relegation scramble was at it’s fullest he had to make way. Will be back next season though.

24. Jeanvion Yulu Matondo
DOB : 05/01/1986
Club : Club Brugge
Nationality: Belgian
Position: Striker/forward

Came into the scene after January. He’d been so impressive for the youth and reserve teams he got into the first team squad in Bruges. Eventually he didn’t get much playing time but showed a lot in the short playing time he got.

Very quick and fast player, rather small and weak though. Burns markers with his pace and his dribbling is very good as well. Works well on the left wing as an attacker in a 4-3-3, should also work well as striker in a 4-4-2 as he can score plenty as well (proved that with the reserves and scored a few senior goals as well)

Haven’t seen much of him but looks like a very good striker in the works.

25. Timothy Derijck
DOB: 25/05/1987
Club: Anderlecht (Feyenoord next?)
Nationality: Bel
Position: Central defender

Timothy enjoyed a great season with the reserves and youth ranks and was rewarded with a few call ups for the first team. Hasn’t figured yet on the pitch but is the next great central defender to come out of the ranks at Anderlecht after Kompany.
RSCA stalled a bit about offering him a contract and all of a sudden it looks Feyenoord will prize him away to the Kuip!

26. Mohamed Messoudi
DOB: 07/01/1984
Club: Germinal Beerschot Antwerpen
Nationality: Bel
Position: Midfielder

Undisputed starter for GBA now, has impressed me more and more the longer the season went on. Is a defensive midfielder with above average passing skills and technical skills. Solid little player, could end up at a top club in Belgium.

27. Julien Pinelli
DOB : 27/01/1987
Club : La Louvière
Nationality : Bel
Position : Left winger

Was spectacular in the middle part of the season but regressed a bit and was no longer a starter the last 5 matches or so. Still good dribbler and great crosser, excellent delivery on set pieces as well, extremely sweet left foot.

28. Thibaut Detal
DOB: 01/01/1985
Club: SC Charleroi
Nationality: Bel
Position: Midfielder

More or less a victim of Charleroi’s success. Not been in the team an awful lot this season, but I’m sure he’ll bounce back. Defensively responsible midfielder with a wickerd shot.

29. Moussa Dembele
DOB: 16/07/1987
Club: Germinal Beerschot Antwerpen
Nationality: bel
Position: Striker

Striker made his debut this season at a very young age. Impressive in the reserves and youth ranks, Anderlecht are close to signing him.

30. Steven Defour
DOB: 15/04/1988
Club: Racing Genk
Nationality: Bel
Position: attacking midfielder / striker

According to reports he is a huge talent, haven’t seen him but he’s come on as a sub a few times for the first team, wich is notable at that young age. Looking forward to seeing more of him next season.

Other notables – some are just off the list, others (**) I can’t rank because I’ve never seen them or because they never appeared in the Belgian league (*):
_Bram Verbist – GBA (1983) talented young goalie, can’t get a game at GBA because he’s blocked. Deserves a shot at a league one team though.
_Siebe Blondelle - Vistesse (20/04/1986) (**) Young goalie who plays for Vitesse and is apparently off the level of Bailly or Verbauwhede
_Yves Ma Kalambay (31/01/1986) (**) HUGE (6’5’’ !!) young goalie, currently at Chelsea. Had a few injuries this year but should be OK and a future starter at a very good club.

_Thomas Vermaelen – RKC/Ajax (14/11/1985) (*) Young central defender who enjoyed his first season of top flight football in Holland at RKC Waalwijk. Is in the Ajax system and should be a big talent.
_Spencer Verbiest – Heerenveen (06/02/1984) (**) In Heerenveen’s system (see: Brian Vandenbussche) and a fixture at the U-21’s, only played in 2 games though, don’t think he’s as good as Vermaelen.
_Pieterjan Monteyne - GBA (01/01/1983) - Unbelievable this guy is still only 22 years old. Played in the first league for 4 straight years, he’s already more or less a veteran. Still I’m not convinced he has much upside left.

_Tom De Mul - Ajax (04/03/1986) (*) Taken away from GBA’s youth setup by Ajax. Pure right winger but personally I’ve never been overly impressed by him. After falling back this season he looks set to be part of Ajax 1 squad again next year.
_Stanley Aborah - Ajax (23/06/1987) (*) Also came from GBA and he got a few minutes for the big boys this year. Looks like a very effective attacking midfielder, second striker to me, should be a good one as well.
_ Florent N’Galula M’buy – Man Utd (07/03/1987) (**) Defensive midfielder type, brought to United last year and is a regular fixture at the reserves and right now it looks as if he’s got a future at that club.
_ Jerome Colinet – Roda JC (26/04/1983) (**) Midfielder who joined Roda from Standard and has appeared in more than a few Eredivisie games, scoring 3 goals in the process. U-21 player, not sure if he’s got much upside.
_ Francisco Sanchez Davolio – Mouscron (16-05-1986). Midfielder who has more or less earned himself a starting spot at Mouscron this season. Haven’t really noticed him a lot but apparently he’s going to be pretty good, probably an entry for next year in my main list.
_ Alessandro Cordaro – Mons (02/05/1986). Defensive midfielder fought himself to a starting place in Mons’ relegating side. Good passer, solid technique, I’ve been impressed by him but only saw him play one game. U-19 member and I think a good team might be wise to add him this off season, he’s definitely one to watch, but that will be tough if he goes down with his team to League 2.
_ Dickson Agyeman – GBA (14/09/1985)/ Right winger, very small but nice little player!

_ Prince Asubonteng – GBA (06-03/1986) – talented striker, hasn’t been able to find the net yet at senior level. Dembele looks to be the better talent of the two though.
_ Kevin Mirallas – OGC Lille (05/10/1987) (**) – Talented young forward. Scored on his debut for Lille. Left the Standard youth setup (see also: Legear) because he and his surroundings (read: father) felt he needed a more professional approach to develop his talent.
_ Jurgen Rutten – Sint-Truiden (19/02/1986) – young forward made a few impressions as sub.
_ Jochen Vanarwegen – Westerlo (03/02/1986) – played a lot of minutes for Westerlo and was pretty useful. Hard worker who will be a handful in the box. Hasn’t scored yet at senior level though.
_ Tim Matthijs – AA Gent (13/12/1983) – picked up out of the third division and didn't look out of place. He deserves his place in the first league. Very fast and he’s played a lot (5 goals) but need consistency and more confidence in his finishing ability if he wants to move to an even higher level.

That’s basically it, not sure if I forgot anyone, that’s always possible.
I’ll finish my 1982 born list when I have the time. Finished this list because I had a free afternoon, doesn’t look as if I’ll have another one the first few weeks…

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