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11-26-2010, 07:43 PM
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Just to help the refs...

Obviously refereeing is a difficult job., especially with rules being incredibly vague and often even unworded like todays abberation. Therefore, i thought i could help them out in future and give them a few more examples in which they could call the now-infamous 'Rule 75' just so they're ready:

* When forwards are wearing too strong a cologne. Probably best that you issue a 10 minute misconduct too so he can wash it off.
* When someone farts in front of the net. Flatulance is not a joke, goalies have sensitive nostrils.
* Any occasions in which a big red light goes on behind the goalie. That's just got to be distracting, so wipe the goal out and tell the 20,000 people in the arena to be a bit quieter in future too.
* Any instances of circling the zone, goalie's just gonna get dizzy if too much of that goes on.
* Anyone telling the nettie an interesting story before the game. There is a possibility that he'll be thinking about it later on so you'd better have your whistle ready in case he's not got his mind fully on the game.
* No butterflies, anywhere. One beat of their wings could cause a hurricane on the other side of the world and that's got to be dangerous in the defensive zone.
* Someone firing a hard, frozen bit of rubber at the goalie. I mean, how's a guy supposed to concentrate with that going on?
* Don't allow anyone to put a hand up in front of the goalie for a split second a few seconds before a shot comes in, although he's allowed to obscure his vision with his body, legs or stick.

Actually, that last one is a bit ridiculous, scratch that.

Have we got any more ideas?

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