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11-26-2010, 11:02 PM
prairie hab
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As you can probably figure out from the username, I am a Roughrider fan (season ticket holder).

A few observations:

The CFL and the Alouettes have only themselves to blame for the "accommodations" fiasco. The league should do their homework, and seek out quality accommodations for both teams. The league dropped the ball here. From my understanding, because the game is hosted in the WEST, the Western rep gets first choice of hotel(s), and traditionally assumes the home team's locker room for practices/gameday. However, team player personnel directors have input, and insight into the facilities arrangements during the regular season, let alone the playoffs - including the Grey Cup. Is the Als staff that out to lunch that they didn't have recommendations or suggestions for the CFL brass to consider in terms of such arrangements???

All this griping seems a bit misdirected. Instead of how "favored" the Riders are being portrayed, it should be more about the CFL/Alouettes lack of communication, or poor handling or the issue. Trestman himself approved of the accommodations arrangements - its some of the players that have become vocal. (Proulx and Boulay, two Quebecers ironically enough..........LOL - and one who isn't even playing)

Before I get accused of being anti-French, I will point out that I am French Canadian, and my father's side of the family is originally from Quebec - so don't go there.....

The Als are my #2 team (a distant #2 I might add behind the Riders....), and I am happy they are back in the Grey Cup for the rematch. I consider myself a realist, and feel the Riders will need to play a near perfect game to beat the Als. IMO, the Als are as good as last year, while the Riders are not as deep as last year. If the Riders win it will be a squeaker, if the Als win it will be a blowout.

I really feel all the huff about the supposed "favoritism" is a way to motivate the Als. Lets face it - both teams and their coaches have a healthy, mutual respect for one another. Some "false hate" had to be generated somehow.

So be it.

I hope its a squeaker. GO GREEN.

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