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11-26-2010, 11:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
I don't know cns.

Brown and Smyth are both proven 20+ goal scorers so I see us as having 4 scoring forwards out of the 6 that we really need. I think that allot of us are looking at a mix of youth and having one of Parse and or one of the kids pan out for our second line.

The rest of the reason for the optimistic vibe is that we have arguably the best and deepest D in the game (when healthy and once our ridiculous replacement coach figures out which hole belongs on his body and which hole is for shinning his shoes) and we have two very talented and capable young goalies.

Add in the fact that we have a third line that is among the very best in the game and there you go.

I don't see us as being actual cup contenders just yet but we are pretty close imo if we are 100% healthy and of course find a way to build a way back machine and go back a little over a year ago and fire TM then hire Tipps then we could be.

Other than that I think that we are a year and a speed sniper who can back off our opponents D and make them scramble a little bit away from having a team that can compete for the prize for a good few years.
Brown and Smyth play a similar game and that is to go to the net and bury goals there. They're more of a power forward type of role than actual pure goal scorers. I definitely agree we need a speedy sniper to really make this team. Yes, our D is absolutely amazing. But we need goals too to win games. And yeah our 3rd line may be the best in the NHL but we need a good 1st line to be at all competitive and we simply will not have a good 1st line until we can find a competent LWer to play with Kopi and Brown.

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oh my lawd no.

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