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11-26-2010, 11:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
People who defend Holmgren's cap management have the memory of a gold fish. Where the F were you the last couple of years, Chris? Did you think we were trotting out ATOs on defense for games 80 and 82 while fighting for home ice because Holmgren got an A in cap management? Did our Captain specifically call out Holmgren for ****ty cap management in an end of year press conference because he did a bang up job? Were we unable to trade for a goalie last year because of his brilliance at working the numbers?

Just because you have Holmgren's schlong pushed so far down your throat it's performing a tonsillectomy doesn't mean you can ignore recent history so casually.

And, of course, all this without mentioning the absolute awesome-sauce that was the Randy Jones decision last year. But, ya know, "what can you do?"

We're in a tenuous cap position. We have a ton of big money contracts tied up in aging players. Because Holmgren has parted with picks like a drunk buying rounds at the bar, our system is largely bereft of actual talent to fill in as we lose bodies in the coming years.
This is awesome.

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