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11-27-2010, 12:19 AM
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Originally Posted by TonySCV View Post
If you're buying HDMI cables, get whatever is cheapest. It's not like in the analog days when cables made a difference. It's digital - it's either on, or it's not. Get the cheapest HDMI cable you can find.

Technology exists to display 3D images without the use of glasses (it'll be rolled out to US consumers soon once they improve the technology to not require sitting so close to the TV -, so it's good you opted against a 3D set that requires glasses now. Those will be obsolete in no time.
$2900 for a 20" LCD screen that is only 720p... that's pretty insane. Sounds like that's about 2-3 years from being something worth buying.

I'd love to see what it looks like though. If the experience is similar to 3D now, just without the glasses or if the look of it is very different.

The crumby thing about it is while now you can buy a 3D ready TV if you decide to take the plunge later on, this sounds like there is nothing you can do but buy a new one whenever they come out here in larger sizes and more generous viewing angles and distance.

I'm kind of shocked this technology exists... short of a hologram, I didn't think 3D through projection only would be an option.

Although now that I think of it, a friend of mine saw the new nintendo handheld at E3 this year and told me how it was 3D without glasses. He could really explain it to me other than to say its pretty frigging amazing.

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