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11-27-2010, 12:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Mistakes aren't the problem. Certifiably stupid decisions are.

Throw every other problem with Holmgren out the window: how can you justify the decision to recall Randy Jones? Who knows whether that money would have mattered come deadline time, but it may have been useful for helping that team compete for a cup... ya know, acquiring a goalie or something.
Bad move for sure to recall Jones. Just like it was a bad move to trade for Eminger. You'll never catch me making out he's perfect by any means. They're so incredibly minor in the bigger picture though. The Jones recall was what...$1m? Who cares? There would be nothing we could do with that. I challenge you to find a GM out there who's not made any Eminger-esque trades.

...Gagne... Metropolit, who was a good role player for that team, and Vaananen.
Gagne, again, hasn't scored a point for Tampa and has missed 16 straight games with a mystery injury. Dumping him is looking to be an excellent, excellent move. As for Metropolit and Vaananen, meh? Ten a penny who've been replaced comfortably.

Here's the reality. Paul Holmgren has been the GM of this team for 4 years now. You can throw out the first year, because that was the rebuild year where he wasn't bothering with cap management. The 2nd year was the breakout year, and he had a ton of cap space going into that year to play with... and spent it all. The 3rd year he completely and utterly **** the bed to the point that Mike Richards publicly called him out and Holmgren was forced to answer questions about his captain making comments about his cap management. Then last year, where he roped us so tight to the cap that we were stuck riding Leighton and Boucher on a cup contender... which, as many of us around here said, was going to (and did) bite us in the end.

So, in the 3 seasons that are worth judging Holmgren on cap management he's *ed up 2 of 'em. Or 66% of the seasons he's been the GM of this team and cap management has been an issue. The year is still young on this one, and we're again operating over the cap living in LTIR space right now, and will have little wiggle room going forward if injury problems develop.
That's a strange look at reality, very one-eyed. I see reality as him taking over the worst team in the league by a distance and with a series of trades and wise FA signings, we went to the Conference finals, lost to the winners and went to the SC finals in consecutive years. None of your negative spin can change those facts.

Cap space, the odd poor trade, riding Leighton, whatever. His risks and his chances have worked and we're in the best position to win a cup in a long time. That's got a huge amount to do with Holmgren, it's effectively his team.

One thing i'm learning is that you're a stubborn old mule though, you're never going to change your path. Shame really.

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