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11-27-2010, 02:57 AM
Gore Habs Go
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I Saw Markov Yesterday

Yesterday morning I was sitting by the ER department at the Montreal General Hospital when lo and behold I saw him come out of an elevator.He was with a russian-looking blonde guy.

Here are a few comments/observations for anyone that hasn't seen him up close:

-He looks better in person. The Mr Bean comments aren't really fair.
-Many people were around and no one recognized him.
-He was wearing a grey tuque and sweat pants.
-His gait was normal and he didn't appear to be limping.
-He's not physically imposing but he appears to be in great shape and looks very solid. (The time I saw Laraque at Tim Horton's he was so wide I felt like a chipmunk.)
-My guess is he was there to meet with Kinnear.He did meet with that orthopedic surgeon in the US last week so who knows.
-He drove what seemed to be a black CL-class mercedes with tinted windows.
-He seems like a cool guy, it's a shame he's injured so often.

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