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11-27-2010, 03:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post

You got all of that out at once?

I'm impressed by you're fortitude, but it's time to give it up.

Despite those little problems such as giving up Gagne (while adding Zherdev I might add even though Zherdev is not going to fill his shoes), I'd rather have a 25-year-old consolation. Maybe that's just me. Maybe I'm not being sentimental enough about my favorite player, the one I grew up watching, the reason I played hockey, why I liked hockey?

So, you're bitter about that right? I'm sure that's on your list. How come I can get over that, but you clearly can't?

What about Randy Jones? Holmgren screwed up obviously. He should've never trusted anyone not to take that pile out of the "return to sender" heap right? I agree. His foolishness cost us what? 1.27m or something like that we could've used for a goalie?

What goalie? We should've blown even more assets to acquire a Halak/Price? Throw out a 2nd for Roloson? Or stick with Leighton who got us there in the first place? I'm not defending Leighton. I think he's a horrible goalie, but he did exactly what I said he'd do; put up great numbers behind a stacked team.

And Sloane right? The defenseman? He played one game. We lost Metropolit, who didn't do crap here, and Ossi Vaananen as well. Can you guess where Vaananen is right now? He didn't even cut it in the same league as Lasse Kukkonen. Meanwhile, god knows that disaster Randy Jones is still off doing god knows what down in Tampa. He's certainly not helping them any.

Oh, but now we're going to bring up Upshall right? Fan favorite? Loved by everyone? The kid wanted $3.5m or something for a career high of 14 goals. He ended up with 15 on the year and 34 points in 74 games. Claude Giroux had nearly as many in half that as a rookie, but no, we should hang onto Upshall.

But that cap issue should've never come up right? Why did it? Because we traded Downie and Eminger for Carle? You can't possibly defend the 1st for Eminger in hindsight, but honestly, do you know what was going on with our team when we made that trade? Vaananen certainly wasn't going on, I'll tell you that much. Neither was Kukkonen or Jones. No, we were forced to play an 18-year-old Luca Sbisa. Why? Because that's the situation we were in.

Lose Upshall, someone who was going to want more than he's worth meanwhile trading his spot for a better player even if you have to lose value in the trade, or lose the season? Which do you pick? Upshall or your precious cap space? Basically do you want a shot at the cup or do you want to make sure you keep your cap space clean for that all-important "deadline pick-up?"

Don't get me started on Umberger. Welcome to the world of the salary cap. It's designed so you can't keep everyone.

So you can nitpick about all the minor details all you want. In the end Holmgren's made the right decision time after time. Sure, he's screwed up a bit, but you don't get to the position where the Flyers are without winning a lot more than you're losing both on the ice and in the front office.

He has a championship caliber team on his ice. He had one last year, and possibly the year before. Who knows what happens if we get the right call made at the end of game 2 in Pittsburgh in 2008-09?

Guess what else. Our core, and a lot of the complimentary players, will be on this team for the foreseeable future as well.

So where is doom's day?

I pretty much showed you that it isn't coming.

But no, we're going to complain about how he didn't get fair value for this, and screwed up here instead of doing that. At some point you're just arguing that the way you would build the team is better than the way he has built it. Sure, he's gotten lucky at times like with Bobrovsky, but just because he's jumping earlier than expected doesn't take away from the fact that Holmgren signed him.

What about our prospect pool that's in such dire straights?

Now with Maroon gone we should be dead in the water right?

Except that Nodl's living up to potential, Wellwood's jumped the gun a lot sooner than anyone could've ever hoped, Giroux's locked up on what will likely be a bargain, he kept Carter's cap hit WAY down, he stole Leino and will try to keep him for a bargain, he paid the price to get Briere here but that's certainly been worth it for the postseason alone, he's got Pronger cheap under the cap, he dumped his mistakes (Lupul included), and he's got a young defensive core including Meszaros, Coburn, and Carle playing like they should be playing next two three legitimate and solid veterans who are going to teach them how to compete for years to come.

Oh yeah, and we have a first round pick this year.

And we have all of that because of who? Because of Holmgren.

So you can sit here and complain and whine and curse and act like you're smarter than everyone else, or you could listen to what I've been saying all along.

Get over yourself and stop insulting people.
jester is in the same mold as cartsiefan. Except jester tends to get vulgar when he cracks. It is one thing to have a opinion, but when it becomes a personal attack I believe that is crossing the line of good taste. It still amazes me that people cannot enjoy what is going on with our team right now. What is in the past is past. Jeez get over it and move on! Why dwell on things that are done. Instead of getting busy dying,try getting busy living. If not then I suggest some professional help where a couch or meds may be in order. Go Flyers

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