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10-07-2003, 05:09 AM
True Blue
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I'm of 2 minds on the demotions. Yes, Tjutin did not do any worse than any of Dale or the M&M girls. However, and I have been harping on this from the beginning, is it really worth it for him to get minimal minuites under Sather, as opposed to getting major minutes in Hartford AND be assured that he will be able to continue to develop next year when there is no NHL. Playing underneath Sather ensures that he will be scapegoat #1 when something enevitably goes wrong. So is it really worth it for him to be benched for 5 or 6 straight games like Kloucek was? Let him be the man in Hartford this year and let him be able to keep playing next year.
Scott is in a similar boat. I think that he did not do any worse than Simon, however, Sather was not going to play a player with options ahead of his $1.5m vet. I think that Scott will be a member of the team during the next year (whenever it is that the league resumes after next inevitable cancellation). I would rather that Scott got minutes instead of playing 1 game out of every 10 as he would under Sather.

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