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11-27-2010, 11:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Valhoun View Post
I know that he hasn't been great defensively but he hasn't been hurting the team. It may well be the case that he's just been consistently bailed out by the goaltender but, aside from that, it's not like the other team is scoring a great deal when he is on the ice. He's been on the ice for 10 goals for and 7 goals against.

He's also drawn 9 penalties and taken 2, the same as Claude Giroux.
I think the problem Lavy has is that Zherdev gets lazy on the backcheck at times, and he also makes some unnecessarily high risk plays with the puck coming out of our own zone. The former is a general compete level defensively (a problem for a lot of guys of Zherdev's talent-type--including Briere), the latter is just a safety issue.

On the whole, I think Zherdev has been a positive addition to the team... but he can be better/improved. So, hopefully Lavy can accomplish that without losing him mentally (worst case scenario).

I will say, I'm far more alarmed by the goals against for Richards and Giroux than what Zherdev has or has not been doing. Richards is riding at 2.60 GAON/60, and Giroux is at 2.41 GAON/60 -- neither strong numbers on this team given the goaltending we've been getting.

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