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10-07-2003, 06:13 AM
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Originally Posted by GoalieDude
Fans are gonna be mad at Lowe if he makes a trade that isn't excellent. A comrie rita for Stephan and Exelby, is definately not excellent. If we got York for Poti and Murray, i'm sure we can get more than Exelby and Stephan. But i would rather keep Comrie all together.

Its funny Lowe is goning to be criticized no matter the trade. He could trade Cross for Bouwmeester. (<-----haha) and the Edmonton fans would still be upset. OKOK maybe not that one. But fans are going to be upset no matter what. Edmonton hockey fans look at everything emotionally. I just overheard one guy say "if the Oilers trade away one more guy I am going to stop watching them forever". Trades are a part of the business of hockey and fans should understand that for the most part a trade will always have a team that comes out on top. Sometimes the team that comes out on top won't see the payoff for a couple of years. (Hamrlik trade) Which IMO the Oilers came out on top. I agree that it's not fun watching one of the fan favorites get traded (Carter) but I liked that trade when it was anounced and I still like it. Lowe has the task of being the most criticized GM in the league with IMO the most informed fans in the league. (As well as the most emotional). I am a die hard Oilers fan and I wear my heart on my sleeve. I have faith in Lowe that if he makes a trade it will be for the good of the team.

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