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11-27-2010, 12:03 PM
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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
Lehtivouri is having a rougher time. He isnt defense isnt up to pair of last season. He was paired with a vet last season who helped him alot. This season he is paired with Bourdon who gets out of position alot, so when Lehtivouri goes up on the rush like he ussually does, Bourdon isnt able to cover for him. Alot of these goals against though isnt their fault but Backlund not playing well.

Gustafsson on the other had you are completely wrong about. Just ask PSPhantoms. He is even saying the the defender he is with, Jan, is playing terribly and is leaving Gustafsson out to dry. Gustaffson is the best defender on the team right now.
Fair enough. Disagree bit no biggie.I have heard the total opposite about gustaffson and the finn. bourdon i was told has played rather well of late, this was about a week or so ago. Havent heard a peep about Marshall. no feedback at all. Not sure if that is good or bad.

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