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11-27-2010, 02:23 PM
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Attention Gleaner Guy & AUS Fan:

The substance of most of my rants have been communicated to STU administration AND Eagles under my BIRTH NAME,Address and PHONE NUMBER.
The following quotes in today's Gleaner when asked by
reporter Hunt "Where do the Tommies go from here? were responded as follows by Eagles.
"We're in the mess we're in because I don't have all the answers" and "I'm not sure". this is from the coach of 9 years and A/D for 3 - both Gleaner Guy and AUS Fan take a minute and contemplate that one.
Any wonder that myself and the rest of Tommies Nation are fed up with this mess.....does a truck have to hit someone straight on to finally have everybody in STU administration to WAKE UP?

Early this AM I thought that I had nothing more to say on this subject,I was wrong! I AM JUST GETTING STARTED.
Unlike others I cannot sit by and watch this once proud AUS team continue to be mismanaged by somebody who just doesn't have it and if he had any guts would just step away and allow the resurrection to start.
Stay tune for regular updates and comments.

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