Thread: Kings News: Zeiler on re-entry waivers
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11-27-2010, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Kurrilino View Post
No, why should they.
29 teams in the NHL try to play hockey.
The Kings are the only one who try to create an art form or something using the roster. Everyone has a special skill or a special role when you ignore the actual hockey skills.
It's like one of these role games on computer.
You know your group is good enough to go through the dungeon but you have one roster spot free.
You dig deep in your team and find an unskilled level 2 character and take him with you to level him up.
After you find out his level cap is actually 2 you just send him into the next monster group to have a body for your necromancer to create a mighty zombie.
Unfortunately Murray isn't a necromancer he is a healer and re spawns Zeiler and hope this time he is defeating the group.

Something like that must go on in Kings head office.
I don't have any other explanation for these kind of roster moves.
It has always been like that........ the untalented worse player getting everything for free and the most talented guys have to earn something or are the guys who are benched.
funny cause its true

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