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10-07-2003, 06:58 AM
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Just to clarify the driving of a Ferrari, I'm a great fan of racing simu video games (don't laugh yet) and I have some knowlage about handling these cars. The physics involved in these cars are pretty different. Yes it holds the road better than any normal car but you don't have the feeling before you loose control. For example: at 78 mph in a curb the car is all in control, at 80mph the car loose control. Not the same with any conventional front weel drive or rear weel drive. The car tells you before you loose control, you will feel an half-loose of control, not with a Ferrari or a Porsche. Mostly because they are mid central-rear engine, the weight is not located at the same place, the front is lighter, the suspension is very rigid, so it's not adapted for street fast driving where there is bumps that will make the front of the car lift in the air. On a perfect road like a racing circuit, it's a different story. You can actually enjoys the road handling of these cars safely, with their limits.

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