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11-27-2010, 11:42 PM
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Originally Posted by CHill Seeker View Post
i was just eavesdropping in on a freak out thread on the leafs board and it got me thinking about the future...
looking ahead, what kind of team will habs have in 3-4 years?
difficult to look that far ahead, but will we keep being a playoff team?
i think subban and price are enormous foundation chips...
eller probably a strong two way center...
cammy and pleks will still be relatively young...andrei too
gio and gomez not so much...
so who can step in?
tinordi will be a nice pairing with subban
i think pacioretty replaces gionta
there is talk that leblanc will be made into a winger...
i guess my question and it is difficult to answer right now,
do kristo, leblanc and maxpac all have what it take to pick up
what about palushaj and avtsin?
This is too early to even evaluate what our team could look like next season.

Out of Leblanc, Kristo, Avtsin, Pacioretty, Palushaj and Tinordi, I expect 3 to actually match their potential (max 4 if we're lucky), and 2-3 to NOT match their potential. This is the way it goes in the NHL. You can't hit 1,000. Some bust some flourish.

If I had to guess:

- Leblanc will be converted as a winger.
- Palushaj, Pacioretty and Avtsin will be with the big club eventually, but one of them won't play top-6
- Plekanec will still be the Habs, just like Carey Price.
- Andrei Kostitsyn will not be a Habs. This is the thing with this guy: With what he's shown in the first 2 years of his contract, are you actually ready to give him a contract solely based on what he's doing this season so far, on the long term? This is risky, because the guy didn't prove he was able to consistantly do it year in and year out.
- I expect Pouliot to grow into one of our best scorers, and this day could be much less far away than people would suspect.
-Subban will likely eventually be named captain of the Canadiens

If I had to guess:

Depth chart 2015:

Pouliot - Eller - Leblanc
Avtsin - Plekanec - Palushaj
Pacioretty - UFA/Trade - UFA/Trade
UFA/Trade - UFA/Trade - White

UFA/Trade - Subban
UFA/Trade - UFA/Trade
UFA/Trade - Gorges


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