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11-28-2010, 03:22 AM
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EDIT: Actually couldn't sleep 'cause I was worrying about this post. Sometimes it'd be easier just to not have a conscience.

Salient points:
* The Buckeyes are to Columbus as the Habs are to Montreal... only moreso, because the Buckeyes predate the Habs by a generation or so. (They've been around for 120 years.)
* There's some people who really, really don't like that. Any speculating on my part on the reasons why would likely get me infracted.
* They tend to react poorly to some of this stuff. Any attempt on my part to go into further detail would likely get me infracted.
* It therefore comes up unnecessarily and with excessive vitriol. Any attempt on my part to explain why it is that way would likely get me infracted.
* It's worse than usual this week. This is largely why any attempts on my part to provide better information would likely get me infracted.
* I can say that it's in part because of the new jerseys and the fact that this is a significant week for both teams. Any attempt on my part to outline further details as to why those matter would likely get me infracted.
* In conclusion, any continued attempts by me to write further on this subject would likely get me infracted.

I will therefore now quit before I do something that gets me infracted.

(Also, in order to attempt to offset the possibility of getting infracted by mentioning infractions so damn often - it's a commentary on my own frustration and self-control, not on the mods here. )

Remember - when you're a hockey fan, it's not "reckless driving", it's "good forechecking".
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