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11-28-2010, 08:28 AM
So it begins
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Originally Posted by Jeffrey93 View Post
I think the league is starting to open up after being hammered with questions about these pitiful results.

I really do believe that if this continues....the league will step in and almost force a relocation. In the past it has been because there was no other choice.....I think if things continue as they are in some markets the league will proactively push for relocation.

This comment by Daly is a HUGE shift in the NHL's typical 'company line'. The NHL has usually avoided any speculation of relocation AT ALL COSTS. Daly seems to be cracking the door open a bit.

This has slightly increased my perception of the NHL. In these few words Daly has admitted there is a problem...and also acknowledged a solution will need to be found. That is normal stuff for most businesses....but it is a huge leap for the NHL.
Jeffrey I doubt the NHL would force a if the NHL ever got to a point where they allowed the sale and or relocation to owners in historically troubled markets that did not have barriers to exit contactually that would be all that was needed.....i think the NHL has been determined to make the current markets work over the last decade and maybe they are modifying that position

I guess what I am saying is that my guess is the NHL won't have to push.....some owners will want to jump if allowed

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