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10-07-2003, 06:05 AM
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Originally Posted by AZyotesphan
I agree that Booby is way behind the coaching power curve.
I agree the coyotes play a boring dump and chase game.
The fact that Doan is on the point for the power play is proof Booby is a terrible coach. Reminds me of a coach of 6 year olds. Lets see who shoots the hardest, OK number 19, you are the point on the power play. Doan should be down in front of the goal. Amazing things happen when players venture near the goal.
Like Wilson's story of his power play goal in the pre-season. I came out of the box and did not see Booby waving me over for some perimeter player, so I went to the net and the puck went in off me.
I just hope this season the players show a little creativity on the power play. I would like to know what percentage of Doan's shots from the point actually made it on net. I bet less than 10%. Shot wide right, shot blocked by forward. Just once it would be nice to see Doan move to the middle of the ice.
I agree. If you want Doan to play like Bertuzzi, use him like Bertuzzi. Put him in front of the goalie on the power play and if he refuses to do the job, sit him and put someone like Branko in there until he shows a willingness to accepth his role.

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