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11-28-2010, 10:50 AM
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Originally Posted by LetNoneIn View Post
Tox - I disagree with 'the team has drawn just fine when it has been winning.' The team's weekend attendance was fine when winning - but weeknight attendance has always struggled. Back in the playoff year - the team was still selling half-season weeknight tickets to STHs for $99. That's right, if you were a full season ticket holder, you could buy another seat upstairs for 21 weeknight games for a total of $99. Those sales padded the weeknight attendance quite a bit.

Atlanta IS a viable hockey market. But there's just little room for error - and there's been too many errors, and Tox is correct that error number one is owner mismanagement. Arena location and compeition from the suburban ECHL franchise are additional factors, imho.

And whether Bill Daly says it or not, the Thrashers franchise is not long-term viable here at current attendance levels.

also fyi - the Braves sold out every playoff game this year. You get back to winning, they will come. Hockey will be no different.
Yes and if they start winning and they don't come then what.

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