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11-28-2010, 12:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Champagne Wishes View Post
What I'm saying is that Fleury's play has been a net negative for Bylsma's record this year, so he shouldn't even be brought up in this conversation.

If Fleury starts playing like trash again, is that supposed to be Bylsma's fault? How is he supposed to compensate coaching-wise for Fleury letting in a long-range softy in the waning moments of a game?

Fleury's playing like a 5 mil goalie right now, so we shouldn't be expecting him to come down from his current level of play. This is how his contract dictates he should play - he's not outperforming it. If he doesn't live up to it, that's on him, and an uphill battle for HCDB.
MAF playing like shat isn't DB's fault...obviously. However there have been quite a few instances in games where by the time Fleury was replaced by Johnson it was either too late in the game to really make a comeback, or Fleury wasn't even switched out for BJ at all. Or past instances where after games you would think that DB would have done the smart thing, saw that MAF was struggling, and put BJ over him to start the next one. But he didn't. That is really what irks me the most when it comes to MAF and DB I suppose.

As for Fleury living up to his contract...good on him. Hope he keeps it up. Given his mental inconsistancies though, I really dunno how long it'll last. I hate to say that obviously but it's true.

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