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Prospects by team :


Lucas (Striker) : Scored an awful lot early on thanks to great awareness. He had a bad injury and took some time to come back but he did score in the last few games. I still think he needs better teammates to score more. He could be a deadly scorer IMO. He finished with 11 goals.

Merlin (offensive midfielder) : Has good upside but didnít get much playing time.


Yebda (midfielder) : Everyone thought heíd be playing this year. He didnít. I donít have any reason for that. Weíll see next year.

Ciani (defenseman) : Another guy who was supposed to play a lot but didnít.

Kaboul (defenseman) : the tall defenseman was a pleasent surprise. He could be a hit.


Ben Saada (Striker) : very disapointing season for Choukie. Heíll do better next year in Ligue 2.

Leca (goalie) : didnít get any playing time.

Song (DM, CB) : Played very steady. A lot of teams are interested in him.


Mavuba (Defensive midfielder) : Rio had a good season, and if onyl he had a supporting cast, heíd be even better. Still he was easily ranked as his teamís best players in LíEquipeís rankings (5.59).

Chamakh (Striker) : Had an under-average season, like the whole Bordeaux team. Still he managed to score 10 goals. Is really wanted by Lyon.

Francia (Offensive Midfielder) : Same as the other Bordeaux prospects. Good talent, but under-achieving. Still had his moments.

Riera (Offensive Midfielder) : Also uner-achieving.


Zubar (Defenseman) : Another one who came out of nowhere. Caen has often made some excellent players (Gallas, Rothen for instance) and Zubar is just another example. He was very steady, making few mistakes. A lot of teams are interested in him.



Utaka (Striker) : Another up and down season for Utaka. Heís got talent to sell, but is inconsistant. He scored 12 goals. He should leave Lens this summer, with Rennes the likely destination.

Itandje (Goalie) : Had a few great games and a miserable one. He still needs to work on his consistency. But heís already one of the best goalies in Ligue 1.

Jussie (forward) : we can see the potential. But he hasnít made a big impact yet.


Bodmer (Defensive Midfielder) : Heís now ranked as a star in Ligue 1. He was unkown but was the master in an incredible Lille team. He has great passing skills and is very good defensively. Will probably stay in Lille one more year.

Moussilou (Striker) : Is the only regular scorer for Lille. He is very steaky. He finished with 12 goals (including 4 in a single game).

Makoun (midfielder) : was good two ways. He is a big reason for Lilleís success. Was ranked as his teamís best player (and 8th overall) by LíEquipe (5.83)


Essien (Defensive midfielder) : A great season. Essien is now known world wide thanks to a great CL campaign. He probably was the best player in Ligue 1 this year and one of the best in Europe. Also played great for a stretch at center back with a lot of injuries to the defensemen.

Ben Arfa (Forward) : A very limited playing time and a bad injury. Thatís how Hatem season went. He started to play more and more until a long injury, and Le Guen almost didnít play any youngster in the second half (probably with the trophies being at stake). He still came late in the PSV semi. He is not in full agreement with the Lyon staff, and he could leave (Ajax was interested).

Benzema (Forward) : A very talented forward that was overshadowed by Ben Arfa and Bergougnoux. He played very very well in the games heís had, but like Ben Arfa, didnít get much playing time in the second half.

Bergougnoux (Striker) : He was an instant hit. He scored in his first Championsí League game, and was a threat everytime he was playing. He scored quite a few times in Ligue 1 action as well. He established himself in the rotation in the first half, but exactly like Ben Arfa and Benzema, didnít play much in the second half. He still showed a lot of promise, but rumors say he also wants to leave.

Berthod (left back) : he actually played more last year. Of course, Abidal is so impressive that itís hard for Berthod to get any playing time. Still he almost didnít play at all this year.

Nilmar (Striker) : he started very strong, scoring two goals in his first 15 minutes of Ligue 1 action. But again, he wasnít played much in the second half, and when he was he was not very impressive. He still scored some key goals this year (2 against Fenerbahce in a 4-2 win) and had an obvious penalty not whistled in the PSV matchup. Rumour has it he also asked to leave.

Hartock (goalie) : will be Lyonís second goalie next season with Puydeboisí departure.

Clťment (defensive midfielder) : again he didnít play much in the second half, but was very good when he played.

Jacmot (offensive midfielder) : didnít play at all.

Idangar (OM/ST) : scored two goals in his first CL game. I donít he played one minute after that.


Nasri (Offensive Midfielder) : He quickly established himself as the playmaker when he was finally called upon in december. Strangely enough, Marseille had a great stretch and was second behind Lyon for a while. He faltered, like his whole team in the second half of the season. Still at 18, he had an impressive season.

Costa (Defensive Midfielder) : He had an awful season. Marseille bought him and Pedretti to play with the best pair of defensive midfielder in Ligue 1 (with Lyon), but instead, they only played with one, and Pedretti was that one. Costa didnít play much, and didnít play well when he did. He really needs to rebound elsewhere.

Gavanon (goalie) : Had so-so games when Barthez was shelfed. Not a really convincing year. Heíll leave OM for playing time.

Bamogo (striker) : average season for an average player.

Yahiaoui (DM/RB) : played well when called upon late in the season. Didnít get enough playing time IMO.

Barry (sriker) : very talented striker. He didnít get a playing minute though.

Koke (sriker) : Had a few good games, but too many bad ones.


Ogbeche (forward) : Is disapointing. A lot of wasted talent.

Gueye (striker) : started strong, but faded quickly.

Obraniak (midfielder) : played very well. Very steady.


Adebayor (Striker) : He finally showed some consistancy early on. With Cheventon out, Adebayor was hard to defend. His combination of big size, good technique and decent speed was instrumental to Monaco in its CL campaign. Still, he was not as good in the second half (like the whole Monaco team though), and he asked to leave Monaco, but Deschamps is not keen on letting this young guy go to PSG.

Plasil (midfielder) : Was again steady this year. He doesnít have enough play making skills IMO.

Lacombe (offensive midfielder) : didnít play at all this year after a full season on loan to Ajaccio last year.

Camara (striker) : didnít play much.

Lescure (RB) : Didnít play at all.

Gigliotti (Striker) : was scoring a lot in lower divisions, so Deschamps once sent him in during a game and he scored the most amazing first pro goal Iíve seen. Since then he was a regular substitution and played well enough.


Keseru (Striker) : another guy that scored a lot compared to his playing time. He was played in january-february and scored some key goals. He almost had no playing time when the season was on the line for Nantes. Coaches are so much under pressure that they simply donít play the youngsters.

Toulalan (Defensive Midfielder) : was touted as a possible good player with the upside of a great player before the season. Heís now touted as a good player, possibly great and with the upside of something very special. He was THE player for Nantes this year. He didnít suffer one bit fomr his teamís poor play. When his team was dismal, he was still exceptionnal. His consistency at such a young age was the most impressive part. Heís fast, heís a rock defensively, winning nearly every challenge and he has good offensive instincts. He doesnít use his shot enough yet (he has a good one), but that will come. Lyon is desperately trying to get him. Ranked as his teamís best player (and 4th overall) in LíEquipe (6).

Glombard (Striker) : didnít play much. He could help though.

Yapi Yapo (midfielder) : showed some promise last year, but was awful this year. Will leave Nantes.

Drouin (defenseman) : Simply lacked some playing time.

Thicot (defenseman) : the great prospect didnít get any playing time even though Nantesí defensemen sucked. Heís ready by what Iíve seen.

Fae (defensive midfieler) : Was OK, but overshadowed by Toulalan most of the season.



Cana (defensive midfielder) : he does everything well and has a lot of heart.

Haddad (offensive midfielder) : The very talented Haddad didnít play much this year. As usual per PSG policies.

Djadje (Striker) : Same as Haddad, except he didnít play at all.

MíBami : Was good this year, but simply not as good as before his injury. He was supposed to join Chelsea but his injury prevented him. Will have to rebound next season, especially since heís not so liked by his teammates.

Badiane (defenseman) : Played very well when called upon. Of course that was very rare.


Kallstrom (Offensive Midfielder) : Was injured a lot in the first half of the season but was IMO the MVP of the second half. Rennes skyrocketed after his return to form. He scored 5 goals this season, most of them in the second half.

Gourcuff (midfielder) : can do it all. He just needs some playing time.

Didot (defensive midfielder) : was very good when he played. Didnít play enough to my taste. He could move to PSV this summer. Was ranked as his teamís best player by LíEquipe (5.70)

Faty (DM/CB) : established himself as one of the finest defensemen in Ligue 1. Is talked about for the national team.

Chaigneault (goalie) : A season to forget. He clashed with Rennesí coach and was sent home every Saturday. Will have ot leave Rennes to establish himself.

Briand (striker) : a guy that shines with France U21, but that canít get any playing time with Rennes. He did well in his showings, but they were too rare.

Adailton (defenseman) : started strong but lost his starting job.

Saint Etienne


Menez (Striker) : Started strong, had the best moment of the year with a hattrick in 12 minutes, but faded after that. The pressure was probably too big. He even got a red card against Rennes. Still he has a bright future and he should produce with more playing time.

Mathieu (DM/LB/CB) : Was again solid playing everywhere he was asked to play. Heíll move to a bigger team and showcase his (multiple) talents.

Zairi (forward) : the mad dribbler tried to gain some consitency this year. He still tries to do too much and he still misses too many opportunities. Still he has progressed.


Farnerud (offensive midfielder) : had a huge impressive streak. But was invisible before and after.


Taider (midfielder) : Is very complete, but lacks consistency.

Emana (midfielder) : had a so-so season compared with his talent. Will probably leave Toulouse this summer.

Aubey (defenseman) : has a very steady season, and some foreign teams are trying to get him already.

Ligue 2

Perquis (defenseman, Troyes) : Was the revelation in Ligue 2 this year. He will leave Troyes for a big team this summer.

Grax (Striker, Troyes on loan from Monaco) : Was the main scorer behind Kone. He showed his talent. He will be on loan to Troyes again next season. He finished with 16 goals. A bit too streaky.

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