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Originally Posted by Firegarrett View Post
Thank you very much.. your guide helped alot.. i am not typically a beginner i have just been out of the game for a few years.. i was curious if there was anyway to find gear that was brand new a few years ago(when i played last) The bauer vapor XXX was the brand new stick with all the hype and i liked it alot.. i myself had the XX and i loved that stick. but i can only find on ebay "repaired" vapor XX sticks for pretty cheap 60$ but i am VERY worried about the durability since the stick was once broken
I wouldn't buy a repaired stick personally, if you like Vapor sticks just go with a new X40, not sure about the States but in Canada they're $100 on the dot at pretty much every store. One of the most popular sticks at the beer league level for a good reason, nice performance at a decent price.

As for skates, it's all about fit, but some that I'd try on in the $200 range would be Bauer X30s, Bauer one60s, and Rbk 6Ks.

As for shin guards, they're pretty much all good, I've always worn cheap shin guards and barely ever feel slap shots. Nothin wrong with something like Rbk 3Ks, or really any other $40-60 shin guard, just try em on in store and see what's most comfortable. Ideally try them on with the skates so you can get the ideal length, which might depend somewhat on whether you flop the tongues of your skates and wear the shin guard below, or if you keep the tongues straight and have the bottom of the shin guard overlap the tongue.

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