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11-28-2010, 02:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Spamhuis View Post
you really want hodgson playing against goons? that's the number 1 consideration for not putting him on the 4th line. Goons like boogard out there to make their livings by wrecking people.
What are they going to do, beat him up?

Point is moot anyway, teams haven't been dressing their enforcers very often against us anyway.

I think some should re-watch the game against the sharks. The way our bottom 3 lines was used was very different then what we have seen in the past. The 3rd line was used as a checking unit and matched directly against the Sharks top line.

This job typically falls to our second line but with Tamby and Raymond on the wings, that wasn't going to work.

The 4th line played a regular shift and was used against the sharks 2nd, 3rd and 4th lines.

I haven't been thrilled with the coaching staff so far this season, but the small moves they made over the past 2 games have been very impressive.

Moving Glass up to play in a checking role was totally on point, as Glass is actually quite sound positionally (he just can't move the puck worth a crap).

Sammy has the size to check bigger players effectively and he has the finish to keep the other teams top players honest defensively. Just a good set up all around

The biggest positive of all however is the fact that our coaching staff finally seems to be figuring out the fact that you can no longer throw 3 physical plugs out on a line together and expect them to do anything other then get scored on.

You have to split up your plugs and make sure they have enough talent around them.

The combo's we saw last night will not only contribute more in terms of goal differential but they will also be more physical then what we have seen before. The physicality wont come because we have bigger stronger guys in the line up but because our tougher players will spend more time on the ice and in a position to actually grind things out.

The only hole I see right now in the bottom 6 is 4th line centre, which brings me back to Hodgson.

Perrault hasn't been terrible, but he just doesn't bring enough IMO. He isn't particularly skilled or physical. The Canucks could either increase their physicality by bringing in a different player or increase their skill level by putting Hodgson in that spot.

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