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Originally Posted by Sidney the Kidney View Post
Not really an obsession, but like I said, a minor concern.

Look back at the teams who've won a Stanley Cup. I think Carolina is the only team that's won it in recent memory who did so without a clear cut "number one" defenseman.

But like I said, the more Letang improves, the less that minor concern is of mine, because he's slowly becoming that guy. And our depth overall makes me less worried about that, since as you say, our top four has enough "group" ability to cover the main areas of the game a true number one usually would.
I didn't me to call you out in particular for the true #1 thing. Your quote was actually pretty benign compared to some of the stuff on HF (particularly the main boards).

I think people confuse the correlation of elite position players winning (or not) with needing elite players (or not). In the converse situation consider elite goalies. The Chicago Philly final has people declaring the end of the elite goalie era. The year after we one everyone proclaimed strength down the middle as the only way to win. Great teams win. Great teams will have elite players in some positions and mediocre players in another area. No team has elite players in all positions.

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