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10-07-2003, 06:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Wyvern
In the end it all comes down to what you need.

Say you need to haul some hay. You have a Porshe or a old Truck. Your going to take the truck right?

The Stars are faced with needing a physical presence on the blueline. Best case scenario is Erskine can step up and even be put into the second pairing. Thats unrealistic though.

As Frugal has pointed out in the past, Erskine is not going to do much intimidating playing in the 3rd pairing against the other teams 4th line.

But starting Daley now would mean we would be likely lose the option to use Erskine. Don't you think its smart to give Erskine a chance? You can always replace him later, and Daley *is* going to greatly benefit from the time he is going to have in Utah.
So what are Boucher and Matvichuk for? They provide a physical presence as well and take fewer penalties than Erskine. Both are better with the puck (although just barely with Matvichuk sometimes) and both can and have intimidated top players before (intimidation is of course highly subjective as to its effectiveness). How intimidating is Erskine when he highsticks Calder in the face and sits in the box for four minutes? Or when he drives Bell into his own goaltender? I would normally be all for a more physical presence like Erskine in the league, but the guy has had two glorious chances to make the team on his own accord (last season and this season). How smart is it to keep giving a guy a chance when that guy does nothing but fail when given those chances? There comes a time when a team, that has basically bent over backwards to let Erskine prove his game, has to let a project player move on. I classify Erskine as a project player whose upside is quite limited. In today's league, it's questionable how intimidating Erskine could even become because he'll just be the guy that has the goon rep in the eyes of the refs and get thrown in the box for every minor infraction. Just my opinion.

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