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10-07-2003, 06:24 AM
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Originally Posted by gpearson1968
As for removing head-gear during the anthem, well, I personally prefer that that 'custom' be respected.
I do it every time. However that is my choice and I like it like that. Heimy has part of it right: if it's an order then our society has utterly let down our troops. They fought for freedom, not pitious conformance.

However there is another layer to this. A show of respect is only worthwhile if it is heartfelt IMO. I mean, maybe you can get someone to say "I love you" at knifepoint, but it doesn't mean as much as if they walk up to you and say it unprompted. I feel the same way about displays of respect and the anthem. Each time you enforce conformance (by announcers saying "please remove your hats", or harsh glares, or whatever), you take away some of the meaning of the gesture. When a vet sees me with my hat off and singing, I want them to know I'm not doing it because I'd be labelled an idiot if I didn't.

If that makes me a bad person in coyote's eyes, too bad.

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