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10-07-2003, 06:35 AM
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It simply shows a lack of respect to what ever country's anthem is playing the same. Sure people have the right to not do it, but that action is still disrespectful. I see both sides to a certain degree. The whole take your hat off when going into a school thing - thats a joke. BUT when your talking about a church, some sort of Legion hall, or government building, it's just respect for those institutions. It is completely idiotic not to remove your hat as it is such a tiny sacrifice to show respect for something. The only reason a person wouldn't take their hat off is because they lack respect for the anthem, and in turn the country - and I would love to go around and slap some respect into each one of them. Just the way I was brought up I guess - but people who don't show respect don't deserve respect. Simple.

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