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11-29-2010, 01:20 AM
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Trophy Hockey Season 8; Will Saint Nik deliver?

Trophy Hockey

Alright, maybe I'm being a little hard on the guy, but whatever... Season 8 will see the delivery of FA's won last season, the opening of Pro Leagues (Maybe?), and the Match Viewer, if Nik's timetables are right.

In other words, FA deliveries this season, 3 weeks of vacation for Nik, then the Pro Leagues will be opened S9, lol.

If you changed teams, promoted, etc. please post and I'll update it.

HF Posters on Trophy Hockey -
1.1 Orlando Blitz (The Zherdev)
1.1 Philadelphia Wings (Dash22)
1.1 Boston Blue Barracudas (IrishSniper87)
1.1 Provo Genesis (Sa Cryed)
1.1 Rhode Island Resistance (CantSeeColors)

2.1 Dayton Cats (Sh0otnSc0re)
2.1 Seattle Hobgoblins (DrHamburg)
2.1 Columbia Blue Accolade (dbr2)
2.1 Philadelphia Evil Bonebreakers (ToTheNet)
2.2 Allentown Armor (KevinLin)
2.2 Sioux City Aces (XS Chop)
2.3 St. Louis Germs (JayDepps)
2.3 Cleveland Northern Chaos (ForsbergIsOdin)

3.1 Oakland Green Devils (L-Train)
3.1 Birmingham Purple Grays (WhiskeyBoarder)
3.1 Philadelphia Flyers (Valhoun)
3.2 Raleigh Daft Missiles (Go For It)
3.2 Little Rock Baby Trojans (Agrudez)
3.2 Baltimore Clippers (JLHockeyKnight)
3.3 Athens Western Allstars (xChrisx159)
3.4 Rochester Super Beef (Spav1789)
3.5 Minneapolis Vortex (whatthef)
3.9 Fredericksburg Royal Nighthawks (Wildcard)
3.9 Buffalo Scarlet Flyers (OriginJM)

4.1 Chicago Peace (ilovetheflyers8)
4.2 Port Saint Lucie Coyotes (weber72)
4.2 Atlantic City Aces (HishonHishoff)
4.2 Adirondack Phantoms (CannonGoBoom)
4.2 Louisville Highland Hearts (Ziotree)
4.4 Troy Trail Blazers (Villedelphia)
4.19 Victorville Prophets (phillyflu)

2.3 Dollard-des-Ormeaux Super Partridges (Tomas Tatar)
2.1 Hamilton Rockabillies (dingbathero)
5.1 Windsor Hornets (tacoburrito)
5.6 Lorraine Aggies (Flyers93)

2.3 Kyōto Flames (Magritte)

2.2 Hannover Angels (Rizer)

If you're not on this list, just post and I will update it.

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