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Originally Posted by RangerRick View Post
Rivet to San Jose for Niemi and a 2nd
At least Niemi is capable of playing.
I know you guys hate Niemi, but Rivet just sucks.

To give you an example of how bad he is, I'll use a hypothetical.
If he was defending Cheechoo (not hating on him, he's a player I'll always like because I enjoy watching Sharks games and his Richard season was magical, but he was notoriously slow), he would most likely have to hook him to prevent him from doing anything, as he is that slow now.
Last year he played injured but is apparently fine after having surgery, yet he's as slow as ever.
After being a scratch a few games ago, he welcomed himself back to the lineup by taking one of the previously mentioned "hooking because I lose a foot race" penalties.
I believe he's been a scratch ever since that game.

Also, if we took Niemi, you'd have to take Lalime and he is clearly worse.
He's won all of 9 games for us in 3 seasons.

Originally Posted by Davidhye View Post
So what would you want for a Stafford+Butler package?
I'd say Setoguchi, as both he and Stafford need a change of scenery.
They are former 1st rounders who just don't seem to be working out.

However, you can't just take on two salaries (you'd be spending $200k more if it was Stafford for Setoguchi straight up), and we already have too many defensemen.
I don't know if there are any forwards you'd want to salary dump or anything that would be useful enough for us, as we also have too many forwards (just not enough good ones, mind you).

Of course it's Eklund, so there probably isn't a shred of truth to it anyways, but it's kind of hard to make it work even if you're just trying to do a proposal.

Originally Posted by WineShark View Post
You wont solve either teams needs suggesting these two players as the core of a trade. You need top 6 offense and you wont get it with trying to move second tier players. We need a top 4 puck carrier who can play on the PP and we aren't getting that giving away our 3rd line players for that kind of a defenseman.
Stafford is a top 6 guy (and played top 6 minutes last year and was relatively useless but seems better this year).
He is one of those guys that needs a change of scenery and has potential.

Butler can play top 4 minutes and has lots of potential too but just can't make it into our lineup.
Like I said, he did play the power play last season and was decent.
The -15 last season isn't really something to go by when looking at him, as he wasn't nearly that bad in my opinion.
I never liked him paired with Rivet or Rivet in general, for that matter.
He and Sekera were both in and out of our lineup last season so that probably didn't help either.
I wouldn't be opposed to somehow keeping both, but it's getting to the point where we just have too many NHL defensemen and prospects.

I still think both have potential, but I know, neither of us are dealing for potential but rather immediate help.

Originally Posted by Chaotic8 View Post
Leopold or **** Eklund

Your judgment is clearly impaired.
As mentioned already, Leopold has a NTC and just signed here, so I don't think he'd want to move.
He has a few children and I'm sure after bouncing around for the last couple of years, he just wants to stay where he is for now.
In fact, I think he said that he wanted to sign here because it was relatively long term and he could finally settle somewhere.

Montador isn't that bad, actually.
He does make some boneheaded plays, but this year he's been very good and has turned into a solid top 4 guy.
At this point, I personally want him re-signed after this season and given the captaincy or alternate captaincy.
He seems to care every night, which is hard to come by on our team.

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