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Originally Posted by Firegarrett View Post
Thanks for your input on your knowledge and expierence with warrior sticks..
I personally have never been a fan of the two piece sticks. i can never get the flex anything like the flex on a 1 piece. but i was using a senior 87 flex CCM vector when i was 14.. about 5'8'' 130.. so i should have used intermediate.
The biggest pro to the 2 piece is the price since i already know my perfect curve (bauer P106 Jokinen) gotta love the heel curves
I've grown up using a two piece so I guess I am used to it, and I just enjoy the ability to swap blades. I tend to stick with either the PM9 or P88 curves, but I like to know that I can keep the shaft consistent between those.

The few times I have used a one-piece, it always felt odd to me. Initially I thought it was due to using wood blades in the past, but after trying a composite blade, I am starting to think it is either my team mates buying cheap sticks or possibly the tapered one piece design vs the standard shafts I usually purchase.

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