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11-29-2010, 09:10 AM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
A bunch of people who don't want to eat crow saying it's too early? Who would've though

It's always too early when you guys get called out but when you make judgment about a trade right when it happens it isn't too early then apparently is it.

I just find it funny, it's always "way too early to have people eating crow" but the instances being referred to here are times where people judged a trade immediately without even knowing much about the return in most cases. This is why I always have an innocent until proven guilty mentality about trades these days. Our management aren't idiots and they want what's best for the team. Judging a trade right away is pretty stupid, not saying I haven't done so in the past but Moore had me eating crow when I did.

Learn from your crow incidents people, learn.
I agree with what your saying in principal Neo.

The difference between the Moore trade and the others right now is that the Moore's impact on the Canadiens in the playoffs was great and he is no longer with us. So basically his chapter and what he contributed to us is closed. It was a solid run for Moore, so it's easy to look back on the trade and go "ok, I was wrong".

When it comes to whether we should have traded Price instead of Halak, or held out or gone after a "better" return"... That's simply going to take time. Eller will probably take another 2-3 years to reach his prime and we get to see what he is really going to offer us. I like what I've seen thus far. Price has outplayed Halak so far this season, but in the first 10 games Halak was outplaying Price. I give the nod to Price at the moment. Both will likely have long successful careers in the NHL and the comparisons will continue to be made for a long time.

I have no problem admitting I was wrong about Price up until now, but I never wanted him to fail.

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