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11-29-2010, 10:33 AM
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The Sharks had Rivet and before he took even more slow pills, his biggest issue was puckhandling. He couldn't hold the blueline on offense which is even more deadly than his speed. I noticed Ruff taking off PP last year and I am sure it was for that reason. The Sharks problem is that they already have too many who fumble the puck, so even if speed wasn't an issue, Rivet would still be a problem. It isn't just the PP where the puckhandling causes issues, it is also clearing the zone. You may want to take a closer look at the issue if Rivet starts playing again.

It's Eklund and I haven't watched Butler that much so I don't know on relative value. On Seto, you may have issues similar to Bernier's, not the weight issue, but the focus. The coaches/players aren't getting through to him and he has parts of his game that he never uses in SJ and no one is putting 2 plus 2 together here. I don't know if Ruff and staff could do it either.

IMO, Ruff/Regier have gone in the wrong direction for style of play for the Sabres. You don't have the high end personnel for a physical game. You have personnel for a speed game and it seems that the whole team has gone conservative (physical) and the players aren't really suited to that style of play.

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