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11-29-2010, 01:54 PM
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For the stick lifting deal, especially in the C-league I play in, it's just crazy. Sure you can LIFT the stick (meaning, not near the hands), but you better be doing it to a player that you know is one of the better skaters. I have seen countless times just in one season where a player from my team or the other will stick lift a player legally, but because that player cannot skate very well, the stick lift throws them off balance. A penalty ensues and everyone gets angered.

As for dirty players, there are some in my league who like to piss with my goalie and hack him three or four times after the whistle. Never get called for it. The person who makes me the angriest is actually a girl. Don't ever win a face off against her, otherwise your stick is going to get hacked to crap. Oh, and what's else about her? She was chasing a puck to the boards with one of our bigger guys, SHE pushes him up against the glass taking him by surprise. HE, needing to balance from this surprise attack, falls over and accidentally takes her with him. Of course she's a girl and he's a big guy, so he gets the tripping penalty.

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