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11-29-2010, 03:51 PM
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Originally Posted by SJeasy View Post
If you can, try a rough rundown on from slowest to quickest as to who gets the puck on and off their stick accurately to a teammate or if a guy is consistently making the safe play up the boards. The issue in SJ has been that they are taking the up the boards route or d to d route too often, unnecessarily stalling play. Consistently going safe when other options are open is not a good thing.
Hmm I'll do the best I can - I think it really comes down to who is smarter with the puck.

For who we have/had (no particular order):

He likes to carry more than pass. I think he feels safer that way. But he tends to make the smart moves. In the attacking zone, he's pretty good at knowing when to fire or pass.

He's coming around more now - beginning of the year I wasn't really digging him. He's been much more offensive as of late, and making the smart plays. He's been stepping up creating odd man rushes. Passes have been crisp and plays smart. Not too fast about it, but doesn't cough it up.

I've never seen a player with more blocked shots in the attacking zone. Seems unsure of himself when bringing the puck up ice (will take his time behind our net until things are just right for him). He's turned the puck over in transitions more than most. Too much thinking.

Above average with puck moving. Moves puck smartly, tends to know when to shoot on PP. Still adjusting to the speed of the pros, so sometimes the timing is off, but much like Demers, learning quickly and is making progress each game.

I thought last year he'd be the smartest D puck mover this year. He's coughed up a few earlier this year, but he's settling down. He needs a few confidence builders, but he's making progress as well.

I know we've all said he's improving this year, but it doesn't mean he's ready for prime time. What we've meant is that he was so bad before, that now he is an average AHL D-man. He's moving smarter with puck (again for an avg AHL d-man), and when he's in the attacking zone he's been putting the puck on net a lot. Any pass up the wing from him still continues to scare me, but not as much as it did last year.

I think he'd rather go behind his own net, and have another D-man take the puck up ice to pass. He hasn't done much execpt to float and direct traffic.

Still learning - he's been under the radar. He hasn't hurt us at all, but needs more mins. As with most rookies, needs to work on timing.

Not really a puck mover.

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