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11-29-2010, 04:08 PM
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Originally Posted by SLake View Post

Is there any question what needs to be done? I'm sick of 1.5 goals per game...
"Weekend at the soonest" is pretty damn far from "day to day" as originally diagnosed by Dr. Trotz. If this is something that is going to keep Legwand out for 2 weeks by this weekend, there was obviously something more going on with his injury. I've got to start questioning what exactly is going on here. Is the training/medical staff that far off from their duration/severity of injury assessment or is the organization so blind/stupid/wishful thinking somebody will step up/cash strapped that they can't call somebody (anybody) up sooner?

My point is if this injury is going to last two weeks (or more) then somebody should have the responsibility and obligation to get someone on the roster to fill that role and I don't mean Belak either. It's not like this is the first time that the Preds are playing guys short at significant positions and the "day to day" extends into several games or weeks and they try to "go with the guys they have".

I don't know if I like any option in MIL to fill Legwand's spot, but I do know for sure that NOT trying to address it sure the hell isn't working.

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