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Originally Posted by WDR357 View Post
Yah, I've left a league before due to the lack of enforcement by the league. I can tolerate some pushing and shoving but if people act out, a few games off would slow that behavior down. When the league administrators don't care, it's becomes pretty obvious.

I play in one league now with a team stocked with schmucks. One of them in particular likes to hit from behind and I've gotten into it with him over it. Not much you can do about those people. My guess is they have some leftover insecurities from childhood and think the ice is the place to let everyone know about it.
The best way to deal with those people in my experience is to fight fire with fire. Guys like that are either just unaware that they are crossing the line as men's league is the highest level of hockey they've ever played, or they are insecure at the core like you said. Either way, dropping them once will solve that problem.

I had a problem with a team purposely dropping to the ice on d to try to take out my legs. Literally, I would be skating with the puck and the guy would just drop like someone shot him when I got close to try to take out my legs. That same team would also try to hit me out of view of the refs after I passed the puck or behind the play. All of this because I was playing a couple levels down, but I was new to the rink and didn't really know what league I was getting into, as "A" where I was from was the highest level but "A" at this rink was actually the third highest level. Either way, one day I got sick of this and cross checked one of their players in the ear after one too many cheap shots and dropped the guy. Never had a problem with those guys again. In that same league, another team had this one idiot that would always stick me behind the play and then act like he had no idea he was doing anything wrong. This happened in three games in a row against them. I told the guy a few times that if he kept it up, he would get hurt, and he would play dumb. Blatent hacks and then when I would say something, he would ask what I was talking about. Well one day I caught a chop in the back from him and then he happened to get the puck at the blueline right after that. Well he had his head down, and I sent him flying with a Mike Richards on David Booth style hit to the head on him. Once again, that was the last time I ever had a problem with him. Sometimes you really just have to ramp it up a level if its a persistent problem. Reason and logic don't work with some people.

Fortunately, I moved up the next season, and like everywhere else, the better the players, the less of this bs that goes on.

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