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11-29-2010, 07:39 PM
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Clark - A, above expectations. Eats over 20 a night with 51 blocked shots and 15 giveaways in 24 games. For all the **** we heard about how he was so terrible from Colorado fans, hes been nothing short of fantastic. Its like this system was built for him, or just gives him the right amount of confidence. Leads our scoring from the blueline with 5G. Third in shots for defensemen. Second in hits. Second in takeaways. He is the Joaquin Benoit of the Bolts. If you looked in the dictionary for "value", you would find a picture of Brett Clark.

Randy Jones - B, also above expectations. Another great value choice. We knew getting into this contract that we werent looking at a norris candidate, we knew we were dealing with a puckmoving defenseman that had some questionable decision making while paired with another puckmover last year (Jack Johnson) but was still capable of putting up points. Hes been good with controlling the play upon entry into the offensive zone and extending the play once in. Six assists, tied for second with 34 blocked shots, third on the team in giveaways with 12, and manages to find the net real well with his shot. Has been the lowlight of a few plays, but this was to be expected.

Victor Hedman - B, about where I expected him to be. While his giveaway pace is alarming (on pace for 78 for the year) I think it is to be expected with a 19 year old eating big minutes and relying heavily on his reach and very rarely on his body. Tied for second with 34 blocked shots, yet being outhit for the year by Mike Lundin, which is absolutely shocking. Leads the team with 10 takeaways. Leads the team with 34 shots (and leads with 22 missed, tied with Clark). Hes progressing at a steady pace and as he accepts the fact he can physically dominate people without having to have that nasty, Pronger-like streak, he'll continue to evolve into a dominant defenseman. After some of the things the guys at BP mentioned... it just makes more sense that you don't see Victor hit his stride until around 23.

Pavel Kubina - C, certainly hasn't become any faster over the years, but still stands tall as a reliable defenseman for this team. Only 8 giveaways in 24 games (!!!) and has produced 32 shots and a goal from the backend while blocking 26 shots and landing 26 hits. Hes not going to be flashy or wow you, but he'll exist on the backend as a needed cog for this team and will continue to shoot, to block shots, and be responsible enough in his end to continue to eat 18 or more minutes a night.

Mike Lundin - C. I had high hopes at the start of the year that Mikes nonphysical nature would lend him to being more of a puckmover and offensive producer, as well as a reliable defenseman. While he has continued his nonphysical ways, he has only managed 13 shots. I still have hopes for him for the season and I want to see him pick up a little more aggression on offense, a little more swagger with the puck. Still managed an excellent 33 blocked shots. Only 4 giveaways, 5 takeaways. He keeps his game quiet and simple.

Mattias Ohlund - B. I know people are going to question me giving him a B but at his age he is not only leading the team in hits, hes doing it at age 34 and establishing once again a reputation for taking your head off if you want to cross his blueline. He continues to block shots (30 in 16 games), leads the team in hits in 16 games, 4 giveaways and 5 takeaways, but has only taken 7 shots. Either Lundin needs to pick up the pace, or we need Ohlund to step back into his old Vancouver role on offense.

Mike Vernace - D. Finds himself out of position in the neutral zone, only managed 3 blocked shots, a giveaway, and 5 shots in 8 games. Needs more AHL time to refine his game, if possible. Been burned hard a few times.

Mathieu Roy - D. Same as Vernace, but with less playing time and about 5:00 TOI if he does play.

Matt Smaby - D. Plagued with injuries. While establishing 14 hits in 8 games, he hasn't been healthy, he hasn't looked fast, and in a lot of situations, has looked disinterested. Where is the Matt Smaby of two years ago? The kid that led the team in hits with a broken foot and took the body with reckless abandon? Where the hell is the Matt Smaby we've known?

Also of note, he have a massive disparity of hits between home and away games. We've been incredibly physical on the road, outhitting our home games by nearly 100 hits. This team needs to learn to come out with the same mean streak in our house as well. Sure, we've had four more games on the road than at home, but four games should not be a difference in 100 hits.

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