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11-30-2010, 01:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Sined View Post
There are limitations (mostly power constraints) that prevent mobile phone from having the kind of "multitasking" (more precisely multiprogramming actually) you want.

You simply can't time multiplex a mobile phone the same way a PC does. At least not until there is some massive breakthrough in battery technology. I'd wager that once mobile phones are packing at least 3000/4000mAh batteries true "multitasking" is a pipe dream.

Platforms other than iOS offer closer interpretation to real multitasking than iOS.
You're specific example though might be one of the things no mobile OS does (load streaming video while doing something else) power constrains being the lead cause. Although I do think Android 2.2 can allow you to load a Flash based video in the browser while you play a native Android Game.

But the other example is doable (IM while GPS navigating) on Android and webOS as far as I know.

Again this all comes back to battery life. Many people will put Android down because of battery life say versus a BB. But its all a question of balance, BBs have much lower end hardware specs (even the brand new Torch has **** hardware) which gimps multimedia capabilities but in return get spectacular battery life.
Thanks.It's my first time with a smartphone and i'm little disappointed by the iphone and I hate to deal with itunes.Android ( captivate ) look way much better....

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