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11-30-2010, 01:22 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Yeah, that would be ok, but I still would prefer not having it on there. In the NHL, the jerseys just seem to be more sacred and cared about. I mean, it just would look weird seeing a team like the Rangers or Bruins with some of the most all time classic jerseys around have a big "Preparation H" logo stitched across the chest or something. If you do it in football or even baseball, it wouldn't seem as weird. But in the NHL, jerseys just seem to mean more. Not sure why, but they do. For the most part, a lot of them have stayed relatively the same for their existence. The Original Six have changed very little over time, and even the first expansion teams haven't changed all that much, which the exception of Pitt and LA who really overhauled their jerseys.
As I posted before, it can be that slippery slope sort of thing... where one tasteful ad leads to a NASCAR sort of thing.

I believe any of the major sports giving way to ads is a bad thing -- especially the NFL where the owners can't make money fast enough already... and their investments soar by the season -- In capped leagues, the added revenue cannot be applied to specific teams make-up... but yes, it can increase the Cap. But that would merely increase the salaries all around and not really ease the Cap troubled teams as I see it... and it would increase the minimum floor also, which could hurt troubled Organizations.

Could added revenue from uni ad sales help some financially strapped teams survive? Maybe short run... but in the end, IMO, it is ultimately how the fan-base supports the team and how the ownership runs the team that decides who survives and who is shipped out.

I see ads as being yet another means for teams owners to take in profits, much like selling the naming rights to the venues. I doubt the millions brought in for those rights are passed down to the fans. I believe that it is all relative, and deep pockets get deeper across the board with such added revenues... In some cases I feel that keeping the aesthetics there for the fans is a sacrifice that ownership has to make; when the sport loses appeal, everyone loses... If the uniforms in the NHL mean so much, why take that away from the fans? I too believe that the unis mean very much to the fans.

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