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Originally Posted by blueberrydanish View Post
I too, am starting up as goalie and Ive been lookin into stuff for prob couple months now getting my sizing and what gear should suite me. If you get some great used deals...ya, you could PROBABLY keep it up 700$...but there is many things you need to think about with that.

A big thing obviously is the level of hockey you'll be playing against, because if you plan on moving up at a decent pace...youll need to make sure your gear is good enough to match that level, otherwise you could find out in a pretty painful way. PERSONALLY I am getting new stuff, just because I want it to last me as long as possible, and Im not a big fan of the whole used stuff. With that...I am spending 3x the amount you are looking to spend so huge difference.

Going with used stuff for your first set is pretty ideal if you are on a budget, but just from what I have seen available for alot of used gear is just older model stuff or not within a decent price range for the item. So be prepared to take the time to find the good deals that for gear that you'll need.

A site I got alot of help from is . You can search through their boards for alot of stuff you may have questions on(although I find their search feature to be very temperamental with your keywords). Also they have a classifieds section I have looked at a few times so can check that out, but you'll need an account to contact anyone, took me more than like two weeks to get verified by an admin...=[.

Alot of people review items there, and will give their sizings and level of play usually, so as I said its a GREAT reference to help gauge what type of stuff you will need.

Also getting into it myself, so help my experience with it all helps ya out some^^^ GL!
Ahhh favorite site to browse through on a daily basis. A must know site for any goalie. BTW I'm a forward

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